Girl Power – Karen’s 79 Shovel

Published In The July 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article By: Mark Velazquez Photos By: Mark Velazquez & Amelia Rose

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I guess its fitting that with the new riding season about to begin that we take a moment and remind ourselves that there is always a softer side to our two wheels. So for all you guys that think it might be cool to bring home that “one off “ anything and give it to your partner thinking… “hey that’s gonna look great in the living room or over the fireplace”, you may just want to take note. So in 2008 Karen Gatto received what she still calls today the best Christmas gift ever from Nick Zazzi now of Industry Customs. What he bestowed upon her was a gorgeous bike tank painted by Richard Janusz. To her it was the best gift ever, unique and truly a one of a kind. What no one realized was that this tank would become the anchor in what can be seen now as a rolling piece of art. So without getting into the details of what makes us men do certain things for the women in our lives Nick soon began a labor of love the would become the heart and soul for someone very special in his life. To Karen her only expectation was to get perfection and beauty out of Nick. Just like a woman? Well maybe not, to Karen this was the kind of trust that you only put in that one person in your life you know will deliver. And that is just what Nick did with a little help from his friends. With only knowing that trumpet pipes were a must have Nick took on a year and a half garage build that would transform a ’79 Shovel into a bike that would rival the beauty of its owner and rider. And mind you this was all done while Nick was still working a full time job!

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So what about the bike…Well strong, classic, and sexy is what comes to mind at first glance. Without trying to repeat those before him the inspiration of this ride came from visions of Indian Larry and the good old days of real biker build off’s with the likes of Billy Lane. Need I say more? So an 80” Shovelhead with S&S heads, an S&S 512 cam, 4 speed tranny… I could go on and on but if you want to know the rest check out the killer spec sheet. With that, what I see when I step back is as Karen said to me, symmetry in motion. This bike flows from wheel to wheel. The killer paint job that now had to be finished by Richard to match that tank is enough to hold your stare. And when you look right in her eyes you see another one of a kind seat by Christian Marsh of Xian Leather. Ever wonder why sometimes you hear the same names like Christian Marsh pop up over and over? Well it truly means it’s because he’s just that good. Now with all this eyecandy let’s not forget in the end it’s a bike and it must perform. And that it does. Nothing like a little late night love and guts to transform a piece of American history to see another day and then some. A true vision and apiece of the American dream. Maybe that’s why you’re seeing her in our July issue! If you’re ever down in Daytona Beach you might want to drop into Total Fitness on International Speedway and if you think you’re even up for the challenge ask for that 52-year young personal trainer who has been at it for 30 years and turned IFBB Pro in 2012. If you can’t keep up with her bike I would love to see you keep up with her in the gym!

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Owner: Karen Gatto
City: Daytona Beach, FL
Fabrication By: Industry Customs
Year: 1979
Model: Shovelhead
Time: 1.5 Year
Value: Priceless
Year: 1979
Model: Shovelhead
Ignition: Dyna Tech
Displacement: 80”
Pistons: Wiseco
Heads: S&S
Cam(s): S&S 512
Carb: S&S
Air Cleaner: S&S
Exhaust: Industry Customs Upsweeps
Primary: BDL
Year: 1979
Make: Harely Davidson
Shifting: 1 Down 4 Up
Year: 1979
Make: Harley Davidson
Rake: 30 Degree
Stetch: None
Type: Harley-Davidson
Builder: Industry Customs
Builder: 2 Under
Triple Trees: Industry Customs One Offs
Front Wheel:
Size: 21”
Front Tire: Avon
Front Brake: 2000 & Up- Harley-Davidson
Rear Wheel:
Size: 16”
Rear tire: Avon
Rear Brake: 2000 & Up- Harley-Davidson
Painter: Ryzart Custom Paint
Color: Candy Brandy Over Black
Grpahics: Paneling & Hand Striping
Chroming: A Bunch
Molding: Some
Bars: Stainless Z Bars
Risers: 1”
Hand Controls: Harley Davidson/PM
Gas Tank(s): Friscoed Sporty
Front fender: None
Rear fender: Yup
Seat: Xian Leather
Foot Controls: Industry Customs
Oil Tank: Industry Customs
Headlight: LowBrow Customs
Taillight: Old School Cat
Speedo: Why??
Photographer: Mark Velazquez & Amelia Rose

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