Getting Twisted

Originally Published In The July 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Back in the May issue of Cycle Source, we caught up with Twisted Tea on the ’77 Shovelhead they are rebuilding and things seem to be moving along pretty quickly. “The engine and drivetrain were already pretty much done so all we needed to do was to get it ‘twisted,’” said Bill Grotto of Twisted Tea Brewing Company. When they got the ‘77 from Vito at Interstate V-Twin it was already a running bike and just needed a few tweaks to the look of it, and of course the signature yellow and blue paint scheme. Billy and Vito had just the painter in mind so they turned to Ron Esposito of Ron’s Auto Body in Lake Park, Florida. Ron’s been a painter since 1975 and has been in his current location since 1980. B “With the event season quickly approaching, time was of the essence so having someone with that type of experience was important to make sure we got it done right the first time,” said Grotto. “Ron is a drag racer and has a super gas Chevelle so I figured if he paints as fast as he races we will have the tins back quick!”




Ron used PPG base and clear urethane to achieve the results Twisted Tea was looking for, and by the looks of things, he hit the nail on the head. For the powder coated parts they chose Tolliver Powder Coating in Lake Worth, Florida. Twisted Tea used Tolliver for the ’68 and ’62 Servi Cars they did and were very happy with their work so it was a nobrainer to bring them the wheels and switch housings. They switched the original mag wheels for spoke wheels to get a more vintage look. They also switched out the original bulky switch housings for ‘96 and up touring style switch housings. To clean up the rear end they replaced the square taillights and turn signal bar for tombstones. Other than those changes, the ’77 FLH is pretty much stock.




Bill explained, “Maintaining integrity is critical to what we do with the bikes we have built for Twisted Tea. Anyone can buy a new bike and slap some corporate logos on it and parade it around. Our bikes have a soul and a story.” Stay tuned for the next installment of the Tea bike build because this bike is shaping up pretty nicely!

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