Garage Leathers’ Old School Rigid & Softail Solo Bag Made with Old-World Quality

Garage Leathers Solo Bag
Garage Leathers Solo Bag
Garage Leathers Solo Bag
In the land of big-ticket baggers and luxo-liners there is a lone solo bag manufacturer building bags the old-school way with hand-selected heavy-weight leather, hot-forged alloy steel and turn-of-the-century construction techniques.

The individual components of the bag are cut using a die and hydraulic press, using the same heavy equipment right out of the 1900s. The individual pieces are secured in a jig and are stitched by American workers using American-made thread. The process provides consistent quality, fit and finish.

The latch is hot-forged, one of the oldest known metalworking processes. This method was selected because it delivers metal that is stronger than cast or machined metal parts. The Garage Leathers’ latch is load tested at 3,000 lbs. It is then brass or nickel-plated, which provides an antique-style finish and complements the warm tone of the black and brown leather.

    “We hand-select top-grain leather that is finished with a light matte surface to construct our solo bags,” explained Robert Camardo, Garage Leathers’ Chief Leather Designer. “Each bag has a slightly weathered look with nickel and brass fasteners completing a satisfying antique or old-school influence. Our bags aren’t shiny or glossy as this signifies bags made with inferior leather quality.”

The standard left-side Garage Leathers’ Solo Bagcomes with everything needed, including four leather straps that attach to a rigid frame without the need for brackets. For Softails, the bags strap directly to the swingarm. The firm provides a tin of leather dressing to keep the Solo Bag looking well-dressed.

The results of delivering an over-engineered product with premium and heavy-duty 10-12 ounce leather is that the firm has never had a bag failure and has never received a bag returned because of an integrity issue.

    “Our bags are built tough, and because of the combination of quality leather, meticulous stitching and solid design, we have not had a solo bag returned in 7 years of production,” explained Camardo.

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  1. Sadly, garage leather is no more. You’ll have to try and get a used one somewhere.

  2. How can I order/pay for one of these? I can’t seem to locate the place to order from. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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