FXR Spotlight: Episode 20

Tanis Rangel

Article By: Joe Meilke

Photos By: Tanis Rangel

Originally Published In The December 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

This month we were able to keep the Spotlight alive thanks to Tanis Rangel out of Vine Hill California. Tanis and I have never met but we do follow many of the same people and groups via social media. He and I first connected through e-mail several months ago. So if you and I connected on a potential FXR Spotlight some time ago here is proof that it’s never too late. I hope you enjoy getting a little insight into what gives Tanis his FXR fix.

CS: How did you get exposed to motorcycles? (Who, When, Where)

TR: I got into motorcycles at about 5 years old. And have been riding anything with wheels ever since.


CS: What was your first motorcycle?

TR: First Street legal motorcycle was a Harley FXDX.


CS: When did you get your first FXR?

TR: I got my first FXR about 4 T years ago and never looked back.


CS: What led you to the FXR?

TR: Money. I was looking for some bikes to flip and came across a 1989 FXRP that was sitting in a barn on a farm for the past 10 years. Got it home fired it up, and took it for a test ride. I was pissed that this old FXR that was sitting for 10 years rode better than my dyna that had all these upgrades.


CS: What FXR/s do you currently own?

TR: I currently only have 1 FXR. It’s a 1986 FXRT with a fuel injected 124 Twin Cam.


CS: What other motorcycles do you own?

TR: Don’t own any other motorcycles.


CS: What do you think makes the FXR such a great motorcycle? Why FXR?

TR: The simple fact that it rides and handles better than any other Harley ever made.


CS: If the Factory were to bring back the FXR platform would you buy one?

TR: If the Motor Company brought back the FXR I would absolutely go buy one.


CS: Where is your favorite place to ride?

TR: I don’t have a specific favorite place to ride. I just love riding.


CS: Is there anything you would trade your FXR for?

TR: I wouldn’t trade my FXR for anything in this world.

Tanis had a little bit of extra info on his FXR he wanted to share. It’s a 1986 FXRT with a fuel injected 124 Twin Cam. The frame is stock and uncut. I ran the stock oil bag. Swing arm is a 2009 and up touring swing arm. Forks are XR1200 with triple trees we had made. Rear fender is a 2005 Dyna fender cut to fit to accommodate the 180 rear wheel. The front fender is a two 2006 and up Dyna fender cut and made into one to fit the 120 front wheel. The tank is a stock FXR tank cut and welded to accept a Sportster fuel pump. Stock FXR dash with a Dakota Digital speedo. Paint and body work was done by J&M Auto Customs in Martinez Ca. Bike was built by my boss, Al Julian and I. Big thank you goes out to Tanis for being part of this month’s FXR spotlight. He and I exchanged the last bit of info on his spotlight while I was at the 2016 Las Vegas BikeFest. While I was there I had the opportunity to meet several followers of the Spotlight. Most of which I hope you will get to meet in future episodes of the Spotlight. One young man told me how much he enjoys seeing other FXRs in the magazine. I asked him when he wanted to have his FXR in the Spotlight and he answer was, “Aw, it’s nothing special nobody would want to see it.” My response to him was that we continue to run the FXR Spotlight for people just like him. You don’t have to have anything fancy just share some photos of your FXR and share your story. If you love your FXR and enjoy riding it the Spotlight is for you! If you would like to share your FXR Story drop me an email at joe@fxrshow.com

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