FXR Spotlight – Episode 1 with Brain Korelec

Published In The May 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article By: Joe Mielke


I met Brian nearly 10 years ago as he was passing through Mitchell, SD on his way west to the Sturgis rally. I remember Brian (Klock) introducing me to Big Brian from Ohio. We dropped what we were doing in the shop to go check out his FXR with wheelie bars. I could say you had me at FXR, but he really had me at wheelie bars! We always have a lot of friends who stop in on their way to Sturgis. Many of them will spend the night in Mitchell and finish the last leg of their trip to Sturgis the next morning. Well, that day I met Brian we had another friend staying in town who also happened to be an FXR nut. If you know FXRs, you have most likely heard of Skeeter Todd. We introduced Brian and Skeeter to one another. Skeeter offered to share a room with Brian that night with plans to roll out the next morning. If we (Klock Werks) hadn’t had motorcycles to finish for the rally, it would have certainly been fun to hang out in the hotel room that night with Skeeter and Big Brian and listen to them talk about FXRs. Since first meeting Brian we have enjoyed many miles on the road and cold beers. Most of those miles have been ridden during the Sturgis rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota. One constant with Brian has been his love of the FXR. More than once I’ve heard him say about his ‘ol FXR, “I’ll never get rid of it. Sooner or later FXRs will come back around and I’ll be cool again!” Well buddy, guys like you have always kept them cool and some people are just catching up. Here’s a little Q&A into the FXR life of Brian Korelec.

CS: How did you get exposed to motorcycles? BK: I always wanted a Harley as a kid ‘cause the guys riding them had cool chicks.

CS: What was your first motorcycle? BK: A 1982 Harley Sportster.

CS: When did you get your first FXR? BK: I bought my first one brand new in November of 1991 at Southeast Harley Davidson in Cleveland, Ohio.

CS: What was your first FXR? BK: It was a 1992 FXLR, poppy red/ voyage metallic, because it was the next one due in to the dealership from the factory so I had them put my name on it.

CS: What led you to the FXR? BK: A buncha guys at the bike shop I hung around at back in the day had them. They started stroking the motors and racing each other on the street. They would rave up and down about how they handled, and builders like Donnie Smith, Dave Perewitz & Arlen Ness were building badass customs in the mags outta them…it was a no brainer.


CS: What FXRs do you currently own? BK: That very same one you’re looking at (photos), has been tweaked a little since then and ain’t goin’ anywhere. I also have a project based off an ‘82 FXR frame I got from a buddy with a bunch of misc. FXR parts that I’ve squirreled away. Hopefully I’ll get my wife back up on her own bike again seein’ as how she sold her ‘87 FXLR when our daughter was born.

CS: What other motorcycles do you own? BK: I’m kinda pickin’ away at an Ironhead hardtail Sporty project that I started at a bike shop I worked at for a minute. It’s based off of one of the frames we built in-house there.

CS: What do you think makes the FXR such a great motorcycle? BK: It’s a great platform for performance, customization and overall handling and rideability. I’ve seen them made into touring, sport touring, cruising, choppers, bobbed and all out race oriented big motored beasts. They also look great right off the factory floor; try and say that about any other production bike.

CS: If the Factory were to bring back the FXR platform, would you buy one? BK: I can’t afford anything new these days. I’d have to wait until the trend followers got rid of one, and then yeah, I’d try it out.

CS: Where is your favorite place to ride? BK: Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota and any flat, straight, smooth, long road without a cop.

CS: Is there anything you would trade your FXR for? BK: Nope, not this one.

CS: Is there anything else you would like to share about FXRs? BK: Ya know, I bought this bike brand new; I’m the only owner of it ever. It’s funny, in the course of having it, I’ve had more people than I can even count ask me, ‘Why don’t you get a new bike, or don’t you want something newer, different or updated?’ I wuld always tell them that me and this old dude have a love/hate thing goin’ on that I don’t think many people understand. It’s one of the few things in my life that gave me back exactly what I gave to it. What reason would I have to get rid of it?

CS: How can other FXR riders/owners find you? BK: I’m on just about every FXR page Facebook has, and if you’re at a motorcycle rally and see a bunch of guys in yellow shirts havin’ a blast on their bikes, look for the one with wheelie bars. We can socialize over the beer ya buy me, ha!

CS: Will you be attending the 2014 FXR Motorbike Show? BK: I had to miss the inaugural due to other commitments, but I wouldn’t miss this one for the world! There you have it! Episode 1 is in the books. A big thank you to Brian Korelec. If you want to be in the Cycle Source FXR Spotlight contact me via email mielke@mit.midco.net , Facebook Joe Mielke or FXR Friday, Instagram @sodakbigjoe #fxrfriday #fxrspotlight

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