FXR Spotlight

Article By: Joe Meilke

Photos Courtesy Of: Joshua Fletcher

Originally Published In The December 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


In last month’s Spotlight I introduced you to an Okie from Stillwater Oklahoma named Joshua “Fletch” Fletcher. When I met Fletch last year during the Sturgis Rally I also met his co-worker and partner in crime Dave “DA” Adams. DA and Fletch make up part of the small team of guys at Stillwater Designs/ Kicker Audio who build all of the show vehicles for Kicker Audio. If you follow the custom car world you’ve most likely seen their work at SEMA, CES, Hot Rod Power Tour and many other shows and events around the country. Their most recent custom project you may have seen is the 1950 Studebaker Champion they built just in time for SEMA last year. It’s a Black Cherry and Copper beauty with a full on Kicker Audio system of course. Now, when I first met DA he wasn’t an FXR owner but he was a Harley guy. At the time he owned an EVO rigid that he had built and it had a lot of custom touches that he had made himself. So, I instantly knew he was my kind of guy. After spending a week with DA at last year’s Sturgis Rally we became instant friends. I’ve I Article By: Joe Meilke Photos Courtesy Of: Joshua Fletcher been fortunate to work with DA at several motorcycle events across the country and I’m happy to call him my brother. As I said, when I first met DA he didn’t own a FXR but Fletch and I trained him well, maybe too well. In a short time DA sold his EVO rigid and has scored two killer deals on FXRs from Craig’s List. One was being sold on Craigslist as just an anonymous Shovelhead and the 2nd one he scored recently was quick trade. All I can say is; it’s not a bad day when you can pick up a 1991 FXR off the internet and all you need is an ol’ Chevy truck to trade that you’ve got sitting around that you don’t really care for anyway. I’ll be honest, when DA told me how he became the owner of his 2nd FXR I punched him in the arm and called him a jackass. Then said, Congrats! Good for you man and we enjoyed a cold beer. With that, here we go with a little Q&A with DA about motorcycles and stuff.

CS: How did you get exposed to motorcycles? (Who, When, Where)

DA: My parents bought me a Suzuki Quad Runner 50 when I was 5 and ever since then I’ve had some sort of dirt bike. My dad got back into motorcycles when I was 16 and brought home a Fat Boy that he would let me ride around the block from time to time.


CS: What was your first motorcycle?

DA: My first bike was a 1998 Sporty that was hard lowered with drag pipes. I had it a few weeks getting some hacked up wiring fixed. Got everything working and took it out for the first time only to get pulled over 2 blocks from the house for no taillight. Off to court I went for no motorcycle endorsement.


CS: When did you get your first FXR?

DA: I acquired my FXR in the spring of 2014


CS: What led you to the FXR?

DA: I’d just gotten rid of a Sporty and my Evo hard tail and was surfing Craigslist for a Shovelhead. I came across an ad with no pics for a 1982 Shovel so I text the guy for pics. When I saw the triangle frame section in the first pic I was sold.


CS: What was your first FXR?

DA: 1982 FXR


CS: What FXR/s do you currently own?

DA: Two, a 1982 and 1991


CS: What other motorcycles do you own?

DA: None at the moment


CS: What do you think makes the FXR such a great motorcycle? Why FXR?

DA: I’m kind of an Eric Buell fan I guess. My Buell XB9 has been one of my favorite bikes I’ve owned and knowing the history of Eric’s involvement in the project I appreciate the engineering put into the handling aspect of the bike. To me it’s one of the best options between good handling and long distance comfort.


CS: If the factory were to bring back the FXR platform would you buy one?

DA: Yea, hopefully it would give me a chance to snatch up a couple older ones for good prices!


CS: Where is your favorite place to ride?

DA: Anywhere! I like trying to take roads I’ve never been down before and just going through towns I’ve never been to.


CS: Is there anything you would trade your FXR for?

DA: 4 more FXR’s!!!

Yep, that’s the problem with FXRs and motorcycles in general. They are like beer and potato chips. You can never just have one. Same goes for friends and road trips. Unfortunately my friends in Oklahoma and I are more than an afternoon ride away from one another but I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to hang out, ride scooters, take nut shots, drink beers, tell stories and do all the stupid shit you do when your with friends. Dream catchers for life! My sincere thanks to DA for taking the time to share a little bit about his new FXR habit. If you want to be in the Cycle Source FXR Spotlight contact me via email mielke@mit.midco.net , Facebook Joe Mielke or FXR Friday, Instagram @sodakbigjoe #fxrfriday #fxrspotlight

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