Full Throttle Rock – Mothership

Originally Published In The March 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


For those who have not had the opportunity to experience the sounds of Mothership, you need to lift the rock and get your ears into the vicinity of their special brand of low desert blues driven heaviness ASAP! I have had the opportunity over the last 2 years to catch them at a handful of events and the experience has become now an addiction. I have seen them play at a couple of smaller bike events and of course caught them twice in Sturgis last year. All I can say is…Unrelenting amounts of awesome. I recently saw them open alongside Brant Bjork and Saviors for Corrosion of Conformity on their latest swing through the frozen hinterlands of Wisconsin F and it was a night filled with head banging, good people and friends new and old.


Mothership landed for the first time in 2010 when two brothers Kyle and Kelley Juett from Dallas were burnt out on the scene playing punk and hard edge metal with the bands they were with and wanted to go back to playing something more blues based. So they started off originally with Kyle playing bass and vocals, Kelley playing lead and vocals and their dad doing duty on the drums. Soon after Judge Smith stepped in on the drums and vocals and the magic formula was found. They started off playing small venues and bike events including a couple of Harley dealer parties. They were limited to covers at most events because the owners wanted the audience to be able to follow along but on occasion their rebellious nature would flare up and an original would find its way into a set. They knew they had something when during their breaks at many of their 4 hour performances more than a few people would ask what the song was between the ZZ Top and Nugent cover. So began the genesis of what the boys now bill as hard riff southern low desert blues. Naturally the appeal of this style of music found a home with the outside edge of the guys on the bike scene and the boys started playing events like the Smokey Mt Chopperfest and the Iron Invasion.


Now that the boys have found their niche they hit the ground running. They found a circuit of bike events they could hit all over the country, and it was enjoyable for Mothership too as those folks so dug the music that they would brighten the set. These events also allowed for a lot of freedom to roam all over the country and the world. It also gave them the chance to get into the studio twice now. Releasing two LPs named Mothership and MothershipII, both of them showing off their immense talent. They are available from Motherships label, Ripple Music. But nothing beats them live. Like I said I’ve them a couple of times and was anything but disappointed. 2015 was a busy year for the guys on top of dates all throughout the bike season and a balance of club dates in and around their home base of Dallas. They got to open for Corosion of Conformity on 35 dates in about 37 days making a huge circle of North America in a quick minute. The boys are now enjoying a very well deserved holiday break but 2016 is going to be even busier. An EP maybe with some live music (Live over FreakValley) is in the works as well as another trip to Europe in May and June. They will be touring with local Dallas favorite WoFat on the TexasTakeoverTourII as this will be their 2nd time in the old world with them. So if you’re a European subscriber and you see they will be close don’t miss em. One date that is confirmed is playing at the Berlin Desert Fest, so Germany beware, Texas is coming!!!!


coming!!!! For more info on the boys in Mothership and their upcoming adventures check them out at www.mothershipusa.com or Mothershipusa on instagram and twitter or at FB.com/MothershipUSA and of course YouTube is loaded with fan videos from all over the world. So do yourself a favor and check em out as they are cycle source approved and well worth the time and energy to see!

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