FREE Commerative Patch To The First 75 People This Saturday!

Ok, so not only are Bobby and Elisa throwing us this bitchin’ party in the city at Genuine Motorworks, not only will we have some of the coolest cats from the motorcycle, art and music industry to hang out with but now they told me that they have commissioned a special commemorative patch for this event and the first 75 people who come out will get one free. The cats at Iron Thread are putting the finishing touches on these things right now and man, they’re gonna be bad ass.If you aren’t one of the lucky 75 that do get one, they’ve had some stickers made in this same design as well. Hell I might go as far as getting this tattooed on my body somewhere if there is an artist on site…..


We will also have some give-a-way Cycle Source T-shirts, hats and Stickers, including this new little gem…..


So if you haven’t checked out this event notice, please do, and stop in to the Iron Thread web site and give them a shout for us!

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