Finned Rockerboxes

Made In The USA At Throwback Cycle Parts

Originally Published In The March 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Lately we have been seeing these incredible rockerboxes show up on bikes that we have featured on the pages of our fine publication. Since this is the “Shovelheads Rule” issue we figured it would be a great time to shed some light on this USA made product and make you cats hip to it. Josh, head man in charge of Throwback Cycle Parts produces these fine-looking gems and since we’ve had several people close to us actually use them we figured we’d go ahead and give ‘em the Cycle Source stamp of approval. So, the advertised info is: Finned Shovelhead Rockerboxes that retail for $950. Made in the Northern California Bay Area in small batches. 100% American Made and they advertise that in most cases they ship within 4 days of payment, however it may take up to two weeks.

The hands-on info we can provide is that these rockerboxes are nice heavy material that are well made, no issues with bolt pattern or clearance. They do offer separate parts for stock and aftermarket frames to allow for clearance in stock applications. They are as good as their word on delivery time and they look as good when they come as they do in product shots on their website. Now, the $950 is for standard cast finish and while they do offer an upcharge at $1200 for polished sets, I think the best way to go about that might be to just figure having your local polish guy knock them out for you. It will probably save you some time and a few bucks along the way. For more info on these and other great parts from Throwback, check them out at http://throwbackmcparts.

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