Feeling Like a Road Trip??

If you happen to be feeling like its time to take a road trip well head on down to Conyers, Ga. This Saturday July 9th

Jeremy and Nicole Johnson from Muttin Cycles, http://muttincycles.blogspot.com/, are hosting a Poker Run and Bike show.

 Cathy's Help poker runAll of the proceeds benefit the Cathy’s Help Foundation Cathy’s Help caters to women that are battling breast cancer with or without insurance and the foundation was created in the memory of Jeremy’s mother, Cathy Johnson, who lost her battle in 2005. The goal for the foundation is to help with medical bills, medicine, home repairs and so much more.

So If you want to take a road trip and can give a little to help a little that would be great.

Always take the time in your day to tell the ones you love and care about just how you feel. Life is short and can be taken away from us at any given time.


cathy's help car


Cathy's Help poker run

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