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Ryan Gore’s 77 Shovelhead- Evelyn Michale

It’s safe money to assume that right about the time cable television wraps its cold sweating hands around a culture’s throat it might just be time to find your escape plan and find a new gravy train. Ryan Gore’s Paper Street Customs is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the absurdly flooded market of high dollar bikes. Ryan found himself in numerous shops from Florida to California bowing to the greed of a billet polluted market feeding off the obsession of the white collar chopper fad. Routine repairs and part swapping in the name of originality was so far from his game plan, and soon even the hours would become mind numbing.



Las Vegas Bike Fest 2015 – Burnouts, Cops, And Rattlesnake Hunting

You hear the words “Las Vegas BikeFest 2015” ! I think it’s only normal that one would associate these words with, bright lights, big city and setting your soul on fire. The idea of sleepless nights, full of entertainment, huge buffets and rolling the dice under the 12.5 million LED lights of Fremont Street. Flying in to catch a private limo to your favorite luxury hotel, to live like a king for a week. Sounds like a wonderful get away for the first part of October, right? Well, honestly I wouldn’t know, as my trips are usually just the opposite of this and Las Vegas Bike Fest would prove to be no different.



Thread In Time- Using A Thread Repair Kit From Time Fasteners

Last month I did the tech about on the fly thread repair on a shovelhead exhaust port that was damaged because I didn’t have any type of thread repair kit, so I made my own. This month I am going to show you how to repair a damaged thread on Kerri’s mini bike using a thread repair kit from Time Fasteners. The Time Fastener company has Thread Repair kits for just about any application you can imagine and they are designed and Made in America!




TROG- Wildwoods Race Of Gentlemen

The Race of Gentlemen began with prewar cars and pre 1947 motorcycle’s racing on the shore of Wildwood, NJ. The founders of TROG, Stultz and Green Productions wanted to share their love for American automobile racing heritage with other racers and spectators. So, what better way than to go back to racings grass roots, on the beach? TROG October 9-11 2015- This event was originally scheduled for October 2-4 but because of forecasts of an epic hurricane coming to shore that weekend the founders of TROG decided to postpone their event till the following weekend. After seeing the photos posted on social media from the flooding on the Jersey coast that weekend they made the right choice to postpone.



2016 Indian Scout- In The Dirt Like A Pack Of Hooligans

This year the Cycle Source Readers have voted the 2015 Indian Scout as the Production Bike of the year. Indian has been making huge waves in the American Motorcycle scene with their revival of this brand under the guidance of Polaris Motorcycle Company so when I got the chance to go and do a test ride on their follow up act, the 2016 Scout 60, I jumped.

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