Midnight Mischief Run

2018-10-27 10:00 PM - 2018-10-28 5:00 AMAmerica/New_York

 Pushing the limits of speed on the streets of New York and plunging head first into the heart of darkness!

If you’re not immediately familiar, the Midnight Mischief Run is an annual high-speed motorcycle tour on the streets of New York. This exciting late night October event combines challenging urban riding with the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps.

Originally intended as a secret invite only ride and after-party for some of our friends around New York’s underground motorcycle scene.  The first run would conclude with word of our pre-dawn exploits soon becoming the topic of much rumor and speculation. Interest in this event would begin to grow out of our control as pictures and grainy bits of video would start to surface. It was becoming harder to keep this thing under wraps and the tough decision was then made to open this event to the general public, giving riders in the Northeast one last night to howl before retreating back into workshops, greasy garages and wacky shacks to start bike builds or weld and grind their way into other motorcycle related projects. The Midnight Mischief Run now serves as both a celebration of the city’s many infamous landmarks, historical fascination with the Occult and a metaphorical up yours to the notoriously long and harsh winters that keep many of us off the streets until spring.

The MMR attracts people from not only New York City but also outlying states in the metropolitan area seeking fun, adventure and camaraderie with most attendees piloting a mixed bag of skinny choppers, Sportsters of various vintages, Metric rat bikes, Triumphs both old and new, some heavily worn shovel heads, with Dynas and FXRs rounding out the usual suspects–Pushing the limits of an urban landscape,  cheating death and plunging headfirst into the heart of darkness!

This year’s Midnight Mischief Run scheduled for Saturday, October 27th, 2018 will kick off from an undisclosed location somewhere in New York’s historic SoHo Cast Iron district at

10 pm will include more public art installations, historic landmarks and a 3 am bar stop in Brooklyn for cheap beer, loud music and good times.


Additional details, clues and updates can be found on the event’s official Instagram page @Midnight_Mischief_Run

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