Ethanol Solution to an issue brought up in “Word on the Street”

This is from one of our readers and I think that it is something that needs to be passed along!  This is the actual email that we received. Thanks for the info Joel! Keep reading!


In the April issues’ “Word On The Street” section  there was an eye opening column on the problems associated with E15 Ethanol screwing up engines. Since I’m in the midst of restoring a 30 year old V twin I paid damn close attention, and went off on a short Crusade to find out more. I’d like you fellers to spread this word, ’cause it directly affects our motors.  There is a solution to the problem.  Here goes:

After trying to find an ethanol-free fuel/station in my area(Ft. Hood)I was disappointed to discover there ain’t none.  However, I did find some surprising facts.  Ethanol not only ATTRACTS WATER(thereby gumming up carbs and f@#%ing up soft parts in the system, it also DISPERSES OIL. This action is the guillotine for any two stroke engine, causing galling,seizing the piston and grenading the engine.  Total destruction.  In four strokes is has the same effect along with causing a huge amount of heat, which is the death-knell for us scooter types(especially considering last summers’ 108-112 degree averages).  Not a problem, the government assholes say, for modern liquid cooled engines, they can adjust themselves or some such wizardry.  Bullshit, I say.  We’re screwed, you’d think. But….

Ahaa! Some crafty internet recon produced the possible answer to our problem.  Enter an outfit by the name of Bell Performance.  They make a product called ‘Mix-I-Go’, a concentrated gas treatment that puts the kaibash on ethanols’ nasty surprises.  I’m not going to hawk the stuff to yall or anybody else, I’m asking you fellers to check out their website.  It has some frightening truths about all the damage ethanol can and will do to small engines, and some surprising facts about how long ethanol has been added to fuels.  Please go to the site and check this stuff out.  I do believe that if you think it’s worth the time to look at this and you have the space in your next issue, it would collectively save the motorcycling world bazillions of ducats and relieve a plethora(a veritable shitload) of future headaches.  Thanks for yalls’ time, I hope to hell this is our Holy Grail.

Here’s the website addy:    And here’s the phone number listed on their site:  877-231-6673

Joel ‘Casca’ Newsom


2 thoughts on “Ethanol Solution to an issue brought up in “Word on the Street”

  1. Not to mention all of the economic and moral problems that evil fucking stuff causes. Literally the ONLY reason that Ethanol is still an option is for the deceitful swine lining their greasy pockets at the expense of the food market and the economy as a whole. And farmers are too fucking stupid to ever look into what they are taking part in; they just buy the crap that these spineless, fat-cat fuckin’ politicians feed them. There is nothing good to come from Ethanol, and if you support this awful industry, you’re severly misinformed. Just quit using the shit all together; You’ll be helping you country AND your motor.

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