El Diablo 2 Into 1

Article And Photos By: Patrick Garvin

Originally Published In The April 2019 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

It’s no secret that I love Sportsters. Over the years I’ve dumped a ton of money into these inexpensive yet awesome machines. But just because I recklessly throw cash at the staple of Harley Davidson’s line up doesn’t mean the average Sportster purchaser does the same. Generally speaking, the “average” Sportster owner has a smaller budget. Most times, the Sportster purchase is the first Harley someone will own, not the only or last one, and it’s usually bought at a time in that person’s life where they don’t have a ton of income.

But as any H-D owner knows, lack of an abundance of extra cash doesn’t stop your obsession with upgrading your new found machine. Most folks look to immediately upgrade their exhaust situation. Unfortunately, if  you aren’t flush with cash getting into a performance exhaust can be out of the question, with high performing 2 into 1 pipes often creeping close to the $1000 mark. Well, fear not, the fine folks over at Cobra USA have heard the cries of the broke ass Sportster owners (definitely been there) and have produced a solid solution.


The El Diablo 2 into 1 is an honest to goodness made in the USA pipe featuring equal length headers exiting via a tapered cone style muffler capped with a 4” billet tip. You can get it in either chrome or black starting at under $600! We had a chance to put one on our hooligan Sporty to see what a sub $600, American made performance pipe was all about. The install was a snap, fit and finish were absolutely perfect and the ole Sporty sounds like a beast. Can’t wait to get her out on the track and let er eat dirt. If you’re in the market for an American made performance pipe for your 86-up Sportster, the El Diablo is a bargain.

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