Dumb & Dumber…..

Everyone remembers the Dumb and Dumber scene where they ride a mini bike across the Midwest to Aspen. In the fictitious movie, it was roughly 500 miles that they rode and on a mini bike engine that had somewhere between 150- 200 cc’s ( cubic centimeters). My idea will be to go almost triple that on 1/3 the cc’s.
    This year I will be riding a 49cc Honda mini bike from Louisville, Kentucky to Sturgis South Dakota ( 1346 miles) where I plan on arriving at The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground on Thursday, August 1st.  This will shatter the old record of longest journey on a mini moto ( 50cc’s or less) that was 445.26 miles. As they say, " go big or go home". I am going for it and when Sturgis is over who knows, I just may ride it to Aspen…….


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