Don’t let sleeping hogs lie. Throttle Hog it!


It’s Bigger… It’s Better… It’s Throttle Hog!

(Viola, WI) S&S Cycle is looking for owners of 2008 and later Harley-Davidson® baggers with electronic throttle control who want to go exceptionally fast. We’re looking for the kind of rider who believes that “a legend is not enough.” S&S wants these special riders to know about the new S&S Throttle Hog huge boar EFI throttle bodies for bikes with throttle-by-wire.

“It’s no secret that to get the most power out of a big bore kit, cams, performance exhaust, and ported heads you need to upgrade the size of your EFI throttle body,” says S&S project engineer Kayle Pauling. “The problem is that it’s hard to find a big throttle body for throttle-by-wire bikes.” Kayle went on to explain that, if an engine’s displacement is increased and other performance upgrades are performed, the stock 50mm throttle body just can’t deliver as much air as the engine demands. This limits the usable rpm range and puts a lid on peak horsepower. “The Throttle Hog solves that problem in a big way,” quips Kayle.

Throttle Hogs are available in 58mm, 66mm, and 70mm bore sizes. The 58mm size is recommended for engines up to 110", which makes it ideal for engines with S&S 106" big bore kits. The 58 also works well for stock 96" and 103" displacement engines. The 66mm Throttle Hog is the perfect fuel system for a big inch S&S engine or Hot Set Up Kit®. The 70mm unit is strictly for large displacement engines with S&S B2 special application cylinder heads. The intake ports on the 70mm Hog are shaped to match the special oval shaped ports on the B2 heads.

How Do I Obtain This Fine Product?

Here’s how it works. Have an S&S dealer send your functional Harley-Davidson throttle-by-wire EFI throttle body to S&S and within two to three working days from receipt of your stock part, S&S will send back a brand new Throttle Hog using the electronics from your stock unit. The stock unit will also be returned.
Obviously, your stock air cleaner won’t fit on this big new throttle body so S&S offers a complete line of Stealth air cleaner kits and back plates for Throttle Hogs. A Stealth air cleaner allows you to be sneaky and run your stock outer air cleaner cover, or show off with one of the stylishly cool S&S covers. Here’s a little known fact: The Stealth air cleaner kits for a 58mm Throttle Hog will also fit on a Screamin’ Eagle® 58mm throttle body.

Throttle Hog Huge Boar Throttle Body Assemblies

Boar Size

Part Number











*MSRP is in addition to required stock throttle body exchange




2 thoughts on “Don’t let sleeping hogs lie. Throttle Hog it!

  1. Yes, this would use any backplate that would fit a stock bike. Yours now has the S&S bolt pattern. Throttle hogs are set up to run stock harley bolt pattern

  2. We have a 2009 Harley FLHX here at school with the stock 96 cu. in. engine. We have already installed your classic tear drop air cleaner kit on this engine. If we change over to either the 58 or 66 mm throttle hog will we need to change the tear drop air cleaner cover and/ or base?

    Thank you for your help !!!

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