Do you know how to?……..

Do you know how to lift a fallen motorcycle. You would be surprised at how many riders actually don’t. This is something that every rider should know how to do.

The sight of your pride and joy on it’s side is something that will turn your stomach. I am going to give you some tips to help if you are in the event of a fallen motorcycle. This could have happened from a vehicle accident or the ground didn’t like the way you were riding on it.

First things first; Make sure you are ok, adrenaline can make you not feel pain but check to make sure there are no broken bones or cuts etc.

The calm yourself down the best you can so you can try to think clearly, you need to understand what needs done and be physically able to lift the bike.

If you can try to find someone to help you pick up the bike. The bike’s weight and the awkwardness of hot surfaces it can be very dangerous and cause serious injury if done incorrectly or under poor footing.

9515820-standardBefore you ever end up in this situation go through this process of lifting your fallen bike at home. Go through it a couple of times and remember it.

  • Calm yourself down so you can think clear
  • Keep your body and back straight and lift with only your legs
  • Maintain control of the motorcycle and never twist your body while lifting
  • Check the motorcycle for any damage before riding it again

Detailed steps

  • Breathe and breathe again calm yourself down. Remember that this happens to everyone at some point in their riding years.
  • Make sure you are not hurt and ask yourself if you are physically able to lift your motorcycle. If not get help don’t try to if you don’t think you can. or if you are injured. Adrenaline will make you think you can but don’t hurt yourself more.
  • Make sure that you and the motorcycle are out of any danger, away from traffic etc.
  • Make sure you have a solid surface to lift from, not gravel or wet pavement.
  • Turn off the engine, yes this sounds simple but in the chaos you tend to not think straight
  • Turn off the fuel supply
  • Note which side the motorcycle is on
  • If it is on the right side put the kickstand down and put the motorcycle in gear.

Ok now is the big part ! Time to Lift!

  • Facing away from the motorcycle, turn the handlebars to full lock position with the front of the tire pointed downward.
  • Find the balance point of the two tires and the engine, engine guard or foot peg. It will be fairly easy to lift until it reaches this point because it is already resting on its side.
  • Now you will want to “Sit” down with your butt/lower back against the seat. Keep your back straight and with your head up.
  • You must keep your feet solidly on the ground about 12” apart with your knees bent slightly.
  • Using ONE hand, grasp the handgrip, underhand be sure to keep your wrist straight
  • Your other hand grasp the motorcycle framework but be sure to be cautious of any hot surface.
  • Now you will begin to lift slowly taking small steps backwards, keep your back pressed against the seat with your back straight.
  • Be very careful if the ground is slippery or on an incline this can be very dangerous. Get help
  • Now you should about have the bike upright be careful not to get overly aggressive and flip it on the other side. Be sure to have the kickstand down and the bike in gear.

This is by no way shape or form the exact way to do this they are only recommendations.

Check to see if classes are given in your area.

This is for information only as a benefit to anyone that has an interest in riding. Every motorcyclist is responsible for his or her own safety. We cannot and do not accept responsibility toward any individuals. We recommend anyone use their own critical judgment.

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