Disconnected in this world today…..

So the past 3 days I have been without internet and this gave me a lot of time to think, which sometimes isn’t a good thing. This is some sense was an unintended retreat from the lifeline of our business, just like many others in our world today. For the first hour, sheer terror set in. No email, no Facebook no Twitter, no website access – the very tools of our trade were literally inaccessible. This meant either having to resort to doing things the old fashioned way or not at all. Since 95% of our business is online or has something to do with being online everything came to a screeching halt. We couldn’t process orders, or even ship orders.

Sometimes you don’t realize just how much you really use or rely on the technology in today’s world. So this is just a bit of what is part of a day for some people.

The day starts out by  silencing the alarm on a smartphone—then on to check e-mail. Then browse Google Reader feed to see if there were any stories from the night before. This is all done from a smartphone, then on to power up a laptop to browse Facebook and Twitter.

Even if your day consists of staring at a computer all day long you go home to do the same thing, but you consider that your down time. Reading a book is even tied to the internet. There isn’t much left in our world today that does not rely on the technology and internet that we as a society have created.

There’s something seriously wrong with that routine. At no point in this day  was this person disconnected from the Internet via some sort of device I would venture to say that most peoples daily interactions with friends and family were bombarded by texts and Facebook wall posts. Our entire society has become wrapped up in this false world.

We all have become so accustomed to using our smartphones to shop, tweet, chat, text and download music, that it is very rare to actually find someone who uses a phone to actually just make phone calls. Remember when we didn’t have cell phones and you had to call and either leave a message or just call back later. The younger generation today would be completely lost and I am truly afraid of how some of them would act in society if they were totally disconnected.  Some may go crazy and hurt someone. What this has done to our society is we are closing our selves off and actually distancing ourselves from human contact, interaction. It is always been said that one of the fundamental things in a child’s development is the social human interaction. That is becoming almost unheard of. People need to take a minute and learn to use the phone again for what it is and that is a phone and call close friends and family to just say hi and catch up. Instead of texting them or Facebooking them.  Remember that old raggedy toy, blanket or teddy bear that you used to have as a child. That has been replaced by a phone this is a security blanket. A misplaced phone can cause some people total and utter chaos and anxiety. So take a break and put your phone in the kitchen so you can hear it ring but not attached to you at the hip. Get a real alarm clock and don’t rely on your phone.

Now, I am not saying to cut off completely because I will be the first to say that the phone and internet is an important part of my everyday business and life. Slowly put a limit on something’s, like how long you stay on Facebook, actually have “REAL” face time with family and friends. Taking a break from the virtual world allows you to tend to the things in real life that may have piled up.

Just a little something to think about. I know it has made me look at how much time I live in the virtual world. So I took my family out to a nice dinner today and it was a refreshing change from texting.

So just sit down and read a magazine or a book before you go to bed instead of checking to see what the latest gossip is on Facebook, I promise you that you won’t die from not checking it before you go to bed.

This unintentional few days of surrender taught me that an occasional day spent unwired can be a beneficial and even necessary experience…..




3 thoughts on “Disconnected in this world today…..

  1. So coll that you and I were writing almost the same thoughts at the same time…. Good read Kerri!

  2. Very well said, and I agree 100%…i just need to step away from my online devices as well…it’s an exercise that is very refreshing and recharging…thanks for the great reading…much love and respect

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