Detroit Randy Converts 1929 Indian 4 to Electric Powertrain

Last fall we had the pleasure of meeting “Detroit” at the Sons Of Speed Races in October. Not only is he an avid motorcyclists but he is an innovator and carries a torch for vintage bikes. We’re thrilled to see Indian Motorcycles highlighting Randy “Detroit” Hayward.

An electric 1929 Indian 4??? Sacrilege or cool as hell?


As America’s First Motorcycle Company, Indian Motorcycle is celebrating four industry “first movers” who have made their mark in motorcycling – each with their own special vignette.

To kick off the series, Indian Motorcycle is recognizing Randy “Detroit” Hayward. As a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, Veteran, and the founder of a traveling Black History Museum, Randy recently converted his 1929 Indian 4 with an electric powertrain. To Randy, building and customizing motorcycles is art, and not something he does for attention or recognition. Randy wrenches with passion.

Take a minute to check out “Detroit’s” story from Indian Motorcycles.

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