D&D Exhaust’s Fat Cat Powers Up the Blackline

2012 Softail Fat Cat 2-1The Blackline is a custom-production motorcycle in Harley-Davidson’s Dark Custom family. Harley designed the bike for back-to-the-basics times, Blackline adds more fuel to the Dark Custom movement and D&D is providing the performance.
D&D has just completed the 2012 Softail. D&D’s desire and passion is to create high performance exhaust pipes for Harley, cruisers, choppers, bobbers and custom bikes. D&D pipes increase performance, quality and design.
Performance – D&D designs pipes to provide power off idle and in the passing zone. An upgrade of a pipe and a free-flowing air cleaner will deliver the goods.

Get all the details at www.danddexhaust.com.2012 SOFTAIL FATCAT 2-1

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