Danger Dan’s Talk Shop

Article By: Chris Callen

Photos By: Clark & Tim O’Keefe

Originally Published In the March 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Fort Worth Texas is a hot spot for the custom industry and every time I’m in that part of the country I find more reasons to go back. On my last trip, it was a visit to the shop on the hill, Chopper Supply, where I met some of the best human beings on the planet. The cats that hang around this place are about something, making a contribution, not just grabbing a prize. One of the regulars in the mix is a man they call Danger Dan. I was supposed to hook up with Danger Dan to get a chance to be on one of his now famous podcasts but time didn’t allow so we agreed to make it happen the next time through.

Talk Shop:

Oh yeah, this is where I admit in front of everyone that I had my head in my ass when we came up with the new name for the weekly deal Ken Conte and I are doing. I honestly had no idea that I had just reversed the words from Dan’s show and I called him immediately to apologize, offering to change the name. He was a true gentleman and told me not to worry since the shows are different and that brings me to giving you this report on what he is doing. Since Podcasts for the motorcycle culture are really heating up, I wanted to get you hooked on some quality content from this cat. Danger Dan’s Talk Shop is a weekly podcast that debuts every Wednesday and chronicles the experience of traveling and working on your own chopper. Danger Dan’s guests include painters, bike builders, shop owners, tattoo artist, traveling nomads and many more. Some of the more popular episodes, Danger Dan puts you in the saddle documenting his travels with a gonzo journalistic approach while beating down the road on his 1959 Panhead chopper visiting the biggest rallies, shows, and runs across the USA. Follow him on Instagram (@Danger Danimal) and listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher to hear him “Talk Shop” with extraordinary characters from all across the country. He just completed an episode called Year End Review that’s more than worth the time for you check out.

www.Danger Danstalkshop.com/podcast/78-year-end-review

Now, like I said in the beginning of this little explorative, Dan, like so many of his cohorts I’ve met in and around Chopper Supply, are always keen to the need for community in and around the motorcycle culture. To that end, Dan is launching a new initiative to help the flow of traffic and awareness of the independent motorcycle shops called MCshopTs


MCshopTs.com is a subscription based T-shirt company that features a new independent motorcycle shop every month. Each shop’s T-shirt is designed by their own local or favorite artist to give each one a unique feel and will only be available through a subscription. A postcard with pictures, location, and services provided by each shop will be received along with your T-shirt. All shops are handpicked by Danger Dan while he travels the country on his Panhead and simultaneously releases podcast with shops showcased so you can learn more about all the local shops you might need on the road. Visit www.mcshopts.com and follow on Instagram @mcshopts.

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  1. I was told about Danger Dan by a man in the fish placeI was at. It told me about other things I’ve been missing.

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