Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum to Postpone 2020 Season Opening

Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC announced Wednesday that due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak and current “social distancing” recommendations from government officials that they will be postponing their 2020 season opening date to Thursday April 9, 2020. “At this time we feel this is the wisest decision for our visitors and for our staff” said museum founder Dale Walksler, “we plan to continue watching the situation and if another change in our opening date is necessary we will announce it at that time.” Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum houses the nations’ largest and best collection of rare and vintage American motorcycles and memorabilia and is now celebrating its eighteenth year of operation. New to the museum this year is an exhibit titled “Motorcycle Cannonball: The Endurance of Man and Machine, Coast to Coast. This exhibit pays tribute both to Erwin “Cannonball” Baker and to the Motorcycle Cannonball named in Baker’s honor. Baker was one of the early pioneers in motorcycle endurance records, setting his first in 1914 riding and Indian motorcycle coast to coast in 11 days. By the end of his life Erwin would hold 143 such record. The Motorcycle Cannonball, held every two years since 2010, sees riders aboard pre-1929 motorcycles trek across the United States over a period of two weeks. This year’s Motorcycle Cannonball will stretch from Sault Ste. Marie, MI to South Padre Island, TX and includes a stop at the museum itself. The exhibit features motorcycles that have competed in the Cannonball as well as displays of historical and modern memorabilia and photographs.

Also new to the museum for 2020 is a rare 1915 Eagle motorcycle. Eagle motorcycles were built by the Eagle American Motor Company of Brockton, Massachusetts and the featured example is an beautiful, all original, one family owned bike that was used by the original owner and his wife to do a cross country leisure trip in 1915. For more information about the museum and to keep up with announcements visit www.wheelsthroughtime.com

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