Cycle Source Hits The Road For Another Killer Rally Season

Hey Cycle Source readers! Welcome to the hottest news blog on the internet, and boy do we have news! After we kicked off the summer with a killer Big Mountain Run, we’re headed back on the road to some of the coolest events of the summer and you’re all invited!

Our next stop this summer is going to be none other than Gettysburg Bike Week! It’s from July 9th to the 12th and we’re hosting one of our infamous Cycle Source Free Ride-In Bike Show, registration starts at 10 am, so stop on by! Check it out and get more information here:

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Our next stop this summer is going to be what is possibly one of the most fun events of the summer, Mountainfest. Mountainfest is a 4 day event from July 23rd to the 26th, with awesome music and people (mainly us, because we are the best). We have the kick off party on the 23rd, an awesome day-long ride on the 24th, and a killer bike show on the 25th. Come check us out and get more information at

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Last, but most certainly not the least, is the event you all have been waiting for, the 75th annual Sturgis Black Hills Rally!! For those of you who don’t know, Sturgis is a week long event going from August 1st to the 8th and there are so many incredible things going on while we’re there. Unfortunately most of the awesome things that are happening are TBA but for now we can tell you that we have a killer ride leaving from the Buffalo Chip on the 4th and a ride-in bike show on the 5th, same place. For all the stuff that is coming, check it out on their website( and back here on the blog for more! And the coolest thing about all of these events is that it’s three different opportunities to have your bike featured in an issue of the mag, so take that into consideration and stop on by at one of our shows!

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