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Through our social media, we get to meet some very cool people. I had the pleasure of making contact with GySgt Andrew Toothman, who is a avid reader of Cycle Source and is stationed in Afghanistan. I knew I had to do something so I gathered up some apparel and included some magazines for the crew. I was very happy this morning receiving a email from him:


I am overwhelmed by the generosity of you guys at Cycle Source.  We got the package today and everybody was stoked!  We’ll get you some pictures of us posing in front of a Harrier Jet or part of the ship.  This has been a bitter sweet day.  We just got word this morning that one of our brothers back in NC was killed riding to work last Friday.  It just makes me want to ride even more.  We need to get more people riding and take over the roads.  Thanks again for everything you guys are doing at Cycle Source.  I respect the movement and hopefully more people will bring their business back to The States.  – Drew

Sorry for your loss, come home safe and thanks for everything you do!

If you would like to send a care package or letter to Drew, please send it to:

GySgt Andrew Toothman


UNIT 75155

FPO AE 09502-5155

One thought on “Cycle Source getting some love

  1. Rather than sending anything to us, please feel free to donate to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Memorial. They honor the memory of the men and women from all branches of the military who have given their lives disarming the roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Thanks again to Cycle Source for their Patriotism.

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