CS Makes MC History

First Ever Cyber Show and Rally A Huge Hit

Originally Published In The June/July 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Cycle Source Magazine made history by hosting the firstever Motorcycle Revival Tour Cyber Show and Rally! With the motorcycle industry coming to a halt amid the COVID19 Pandemic, Rallies and Events were being canceled all over the world. Chris Callen, Editor of Cycle Source Magazine, knew he had to do something. So, he rallied the troops and, within days, put together the first-ever Cyber Show, and Rally presented by Kirbys Law. The entire event was broadcast live via Cycle Source and Choppertown’s streaming networks on Saturday, April 11th. The rally lasted over 9 hours and viewed by as many as 500,000 people.

500,000 people. The main event was the Virtual Bike Show, with entries coming in from all over the world! The original plan was to limit the bike show to 50 participants. However, with the quality of entries received, the Cycle Source staff had a hard time narrowing the field. The result was 63 bikes selected for the show. Each bike owner joined the show live via ZOOM with their bikes, giving us a complete overview of them! The rally kicked off with a quick rundown of events by Emcee Jack Schit, and rally goers were able to download an event schedule and Official Rally Map online to follow along as they were taken across the country for each segment of the event.

Girls, Girls, Girls… no rally is complete without them! Thanks to our friends at the Buffalo Chip, the International Bikini Team competed in a Make Your Own Bikini Contest. These stunning ladies flaunted their creativity and more with bikinis made out of things such as duct tape, toilet paper, and even Grandma’s table runner. Dirty Dogg Saloon hosted a wet-shirt contest with contestants checking in from all over the country, showing off their dancing skills and other assets. And several of your favorite Rally bartenders stopped by and taught us to mix up a great Quarentini, dance with fire, and how to do a giggle and jiggle with Stacy! Another must-have rally event is live music, and we had plenty of it! Charlie Brechtel kicked things off for us performing from his home in CA. Dallas Moore joined in later for a few songs followed by Jasmine Cain, and the night closed out with Robert Wagner.

Of course, no rally would be complete without a stunt show, and the Street Cowboys did not disappoint! They came in live from Milwaukee with wheelies, burnouts and more. Speaking of burnouts… Suck Bang Blow got a group of guys together and put on one hell of a burnout contest! We also ventured down vendors row and visited with different artisans from the industry, including Blue Grass Engraving and Bare Bones Leather. All in all, the rally was put together for two reasons, mainly to give everyone a chance to get together, hang out and get their minds off of the uncertainty of what was happening in the world. Secondly, Cycle Source Magazine partnered with Sin Central Garage, a 501c3 Non-Profit, to raised money for the rally industry workers who are out of work for an unforeseen amount of time. This covers so many in our industry, performers, bartenders, bar-backs, musicians, just to name a few. There are so many who count on these rallies as their primary source of income. All in all, we raised a little over $6000 to be distributed for those in need. Cycle Source would like to thank those who stepped up to sponsor, donate, and support the event, as well as those who participated and those who tuned in to watch history in the making! Rumor has it that this may become an annual event, something to look forward to in the dead of winter when we are craving that Rally Scene!

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