CS Art Of Our Culture: Stoke And Bear

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Article By: Amelia “Killer” Rose

Originally Published In The November 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

For Jet Bailey, both art and motorcycles have been a crucial part of her life since she was very young. She was lucky enough to have grown up around people that always supported her artistic endeavors, as well as sparked her love of adventure. As a child, it was common to walk into her backyard and see Jet and her brother playing on a makeshift skatepark and BMX jumps, continually looking for the next adventure or thrill. Recently she picked up skateboarding again and after some serious falls, finally got back into loving being on wheels. The freedom, speed, and adventure in motorcycling was a clear step forward for her.

She remembers at a very young age, her father’s pure love of motorcycles and the joy in his eyes when he encountered ones he liked. That joy and love is what really drew her to this culture and motivates her to explore this industry and this lifestyle as much as she can. Especially today, she fi nds herself surrounded by motorcycles and their incredible allure. Her partner builds custom bikes and has been a part of the community his whole life, which has enabled Jet to learn as much as she can about the ins and outs. She bought her own motorcycle about three years ago and fell just as hard as her dad did with the freedom of riding and learning how to build. In 2012, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and has since been motivated continuously by the brilliantly creative people in both the motorcycle and the art industries. Though at fi rst, it was diffi cult for her to fi nd confi dence in what she was creating, she soon began focusing on developing her signature style which helped to grow her confi dence

As for how she creates her art, she uses a few different things. For her work on canvas, she has recently been painting with acrylic on linen. Her choice of acrylic is due to the bright, bold colors it creates, which is something she strives for in her work. For helmets and tanks, she uses one shot enamel paint and freehands almost all of her work while exploring a wide range of styles and images. For Jet, her biggest inspiration is seeing and experiencing other people’s love of motorcycles. Being able to share the enjoyment, freedom, and openness of the motorcycle community is incredible. “I’m a real fan of people celebrating their creativity, community and positive things that bring people together.” It is abundantly clear to most, if not all of us that motorcycles enable people to do all of those things and it brings her joy to be a part of that. For her, motorbikes are art pieces in themselves, so it is her personal honor to be able to bring them to life in other forms of art.

Another interest of hers is retro and vintage styles, the uniqueness of classic bikes which allows her to delve a bit into the history, treating her creative process as a dual learning experience. She has also recently been focusing her themes on the women of our industry and the positive impact they’ve had on both motorcycling and outside communities. Her business, Stoke and Bear Art, based in the South West of England, is still young, so she is continually trying to learn and looking for ways to improve and grow. She previously worked as an art therapist but has since decided that Stoke and Bear is going to take priority this year. Her current goal is to continue making bright, bold pieces that refl ect all aspects of her both as a person and an artist. She also hopes to create more custom pieces as well as exhibit more of her current work.

As for the future, there’s nowhere to go but up! Even though her business is still young, things thus far have been incredibly positive, and people have had great reactions to her work, which is a huge motivator. She is excited to see where Stoke and Bear will take her next! “Everyone’s uniqueness and creativity is celebrated, and I hope to capture just some of that in the images I create.” If you want to check out some of her fantastic work or support this young artist by commissioning or purchasing, you can head to her website; https:// stokeandbearart.bigcartel.com/, her Instagram; @stokeandbear, or check out her facebook; https://www.facebook. com/stokeandbear.

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