CS Art Of Our Culture: Caroline Perron

Article By: Amelia Rose

Originally Published In The August-September 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

When someone grows up in a family of artists, it’s not surprising that they turn out t o be an artist as well. This is precisely the case for Caroline Perron, our featured artist this month. Both her father and her uncle were artists and encouraged her creative growth. So to Caroline, it only seemed natural that she would one day become an artist. She fostered such a passion for art that eventually she went to college and earned her Master’s Degree in Visual Arts from The University of Quebec In Montreal. She started creating her art professionally in 2015, however in 2017, when she discovered the Dirt Quake Festival in the UK, it completely shifted her view of the world. It was there that she was introduced to the world of motorcycles, the color, power, and energy that came with the machines. Perron was instantly hooked. Since then, it’s lit a fire in her belly and has fueled her craft ever since.

Her medium of choice is primarily watercolor and acrylic. However, in recent years she has been delving deeper into the world of digital art. Now her work is more of a mixed medium product. Caroline is using collage, painting, and drawing to create her pieces. Right now, Caroline draws most of her inspiration from the women in our industry who ride. She sees them as true examples of passion, beauty, and strength. She also has the honor of being a part of the artist collective “Maiden Moto,” an art show that showcases women in the motorcycle industry from Born Free to Babes Ride Out.

Caroline has been “living her best life.” To showcase her incredible art, she has traveled across Canada and the globe to places like Australia, India, the UK, and here in the States. Perron.  professes that every place she has been she has met fantastic people. Her art has been showcased at events from Mama Tried to the Shed Of Threads, and she has also been lucky enough to have had pieces commissioned from Jeffery Carver (#23 American Flat Track). She has also painted for ‘Helmets for India’, a charity fundraising event that raises awareness about helmet safety and helps those who need them. Carolyn’s art was also showcased at the 115th Anniversary of Harley Davidson in Milwaukee in 2018. As for where she sees herself in the future, Caroline just plans to make more art.

Her passion is well anchored and drives her forward in all of her artistic endeavors. Currently, for the rest of 2020, her art is on tour with the Maiden Moto Show across the US, and she is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have her art shown on such a grand scale. If you’d like to check out more of her fantastic work, commission a piece for yourself, or follow the tour, you can follow Caroline on Instagram @caro74happy and the moto show @maidenmotoartshow.

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