Congratulations Mrs. Ballard

image Well, I think that the speed at which this magazine happens sometimes has me overlook the milestones. One that I do want to mention today is how far our own Lisa Ballard has come as far as an integral part of this publication and the industry it serves. I forget how many years ago now I ran into this little housewife at Cincinnati who was up everyone’s ass about her ol’ man and his leather work. She was relentless and years later I’m so glad because it started a friendship between them and Cycle Source that has been amazing to say the least.

image It wouldn’t be until a few years ago that she would approach me about helping out with the blog and the social network that I would start to see a change in Lisa. She took to it like it was what she was meant to do and now her skills blow me away. This month, however, she has reached a milestone that we must acknowledge, she has her first national magazine cover as a photographer. The bike is from Chris Richardson at LA Speed Shop and you can see it on the September 2010 issue on newsstands any day now. Oh how far our Lisa has come!!!!

9 thoughts on “Congratulations Mrs. Ballard

  1. Besides being one of my favorite people, Lisa is my sistah and friend and that is the most amazing gift. Way to go Lisa! Photos look great! I’m so proud of you and so lucky to call you my friend.

  2. Way to go, Lisa. You have definately made the grade and the photography is top notch. Again, way to go, girl.

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