Competition Distributing Remains In Operation!

New Deal Struck With Pittsburgh Entrepreneur & Vintage Bike Collector, Tom Banks Ensures Future

Pittsburgh, PA Nov 2022 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

This month, vintage and Antique bike collectors and businesses will breathe a sigh of relief with the news coming out of Pittsburgh, Pa. Enthusiast Tom Banks has reached a deal with Lonnie Isam Sr. to keep the well-known brand Competition Distributing alive and servicing the antique community.  Isam’s 52-year brand has become integral in the role of providing parts to antique motorcycle enthusiasts who would look to restore and maintain any motorcycle from 1910 to 1936. As the rumors started to circulate just a few months back that Sr would be shutting CDI down, a panic raced across the vintage community.

Mr. Banks, a ferocious competitor in both the motorcycle Cannonball and Cross Country Chase events, is a long-time collector of antique motorcycles and felt compelled to do something to keep this iconic brand, a lifeline for old bikes, alive.

While the company will be relocated to Western Pennsylvania, their plan is to keep the original website with some minor tweaks and have it back up and running under the same umbrella in approximately two weeks. As far as operations, Tom will be bringing in Sean Jackson to oversee all aspects while expanding on what Lonnie did with CDI over the years. Their goal will be to serve all the major races like the Cannonball, The Chase, TROG, and the Sons Of Speed, providing the same quality parts that Competition Distributing has become known for. Look for a clothing line to come along for both this brand and Banks Brothers, who you may already know for their Award Winning Motorcycle Engine Lift, shortly.

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