Clinton Wallace’s In Motion Builder Profile

Clinton Wallace lives in the sleepy little southeast Texas community of Cleveland. He has been building bikes as a hobby for approximately 12 years. His day gig, working in the oil and gas industry pays the bills and fuels his passion for the builds.  Wallace has kept his motorcycles builds as a hobby by design. He prefers being able to build the motorbikes that strike his fancy at is own pace, no pressure or restrictions.  For Clinton, its not about making money or trying to build a business, he does it because he finds joy every step in the process.

Wallace started tinkering with bikes under his carport which he later enclosed while building a bigger shop. He does all the final assembly in a back room in of his house, not the shop but the house.  The dogs stay outside but the motorcycles can come in.  He’s never in a rush to finish a project and says that by not having to worry about budgets or time constraints it means that he doesn’t have to sacrifice on any part of the build. If he spends hours on a part and doesn’t like the way it flows with rest of the build he has no problem tossing it aside and starting over. Clinton says that the best part about building for yourself is that once all the hard work is done, you get to go out and ride and enjoy your creation.

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