Chris Moos Of Misfit Industries’ In Motion Builder Profile

Chris Moos of Misfit Industries didn’t get into the motorcycle industry to say, “Hey let’s build baggers, baggers are cool!” All he saw was an opportunity, he knew it was going to be a learning experience and said “Motorcycles? Sure, why not?” Truth is, Moos comes from the Rod and Kustom and Truck world. He spent decades building everything from hot rods, bagged trucks, kustoms, off road race and rock crawling vehicles, to nuclear- chemical-biological long-term residency fallout shelters, industrial furniture and signage. Chris likes to think of himself as maker of things, an Imagineer.

Like most of his colleagues taking part in In Motion, he willingly admits that motorcycles have become his life. Chris say that hands down it is the most satisfying thing to have crossed his path. Moos gladly admits that even amongst all the drama in the industry there is still this huge core of brother and sisterhood that he is fortunate to call family. He reflects and revels in the overwhelming sense of freedom when you’re on two wheels while still being so connected with everyone around you. He draws from the creative spirit that is community, architecture, nature, and science. Chris isn’t ashamed to call himself a big nerd when it comes to design sometime. He’s obsessed with math and plugging everything into cad before he eventually goes to full organic creation sometimes. He understands that design takes on a lot responsibility when it comes to translating a story that a project tells while expressing emotion.

At Misfit Industries Chris Moos manages the design, prototyping, and develop of most of their products, and is proud to lead the effort in managing the manufacturing fabrication. Misfits is a small team that keeps accountability high. Chris isn’t here to just build what’s popular, but more importantly to build what inspires him. His great hope is to leave a legacy of creativity that inspires others. @misfitindustriesmoos HYPERLINK “”

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