Lets Get Tanked – Building An Oil Tank Kit

Published In The December Issue Of Cycle Source Article By: Daniel Donley At Pandemonium Custom Choppers www.pandemoniumc2.com This month I am going to show you how to build a D.I.Y Oil Tank Kit for American V-Twin commonly found on the internet. This kit is pretty nice it comes with a billet aluminum cap and your oil Read More >

Faith Forgotten Choppers On Fabricating Handlebars

A Lesson In Symmetry Article and Photos by Will Ramsey – Faith Forgotten Choppers – faithforgotten.com Originally Published In The January 2015 Issue of Cycle Source Magazine. I’ve received quite a few questions over the last year about the handlebars that I built for Tight & Shallow. So many questions in fact that I have done Read More >

Hand Spinning Fenders

Article By: Paul Wideman Photos By: Nichole Grodski The first time I looked into metal spinning, I was in complete awe. I was a young gearhead and had always heard the old timers talk about “spun” fuel cells on the front of their dragsters. Not long after, I saw the Mooneyes’ oil tanks in a Read More >

Relocating Gas Tank Filler Neck

Article By: Tyler Malinky Relocating or replacing the filler neck in your gas tank not only gives you a custom look, but can help get the most capacity out of your gas tank. Todd wanted to use this Narrow Alien gas tank, which is 2.1 gallons, on a chopper he is building. The tank sits Read More >