Cam Cover Install

Article and Photos By: Matt Reel

Originally Published In The April 2019 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Recently while getting Fleeing & Eluding ready for some Dyno Tuning at Zippers Performance I installed a billet sprocket cover from a company called Track-er Die. I got the piece raw with the machining marks still in it. I was really digging the racy feel of the piece, but there was a down side. It made my black powder coated stock cam cover look out of place. A quick search of the interwebs led me to a company named Vulcan Engineering Company. I have used Vulcan for some parts before but had never taken notice of the cam cover. A quick call to them and I found out that it was available in black, polished, and, my favorite, raw. I also found they offered one with an electronic distributor that looked similar to the old Ironheads for someone looking to convert their EFI to Carb. When mine arrived, I grabbed my camera and headed to the shop. This is how it went:

With the cover unpacked it was evident it was a quality piece. Not only did it include a high-quality gasket, but new stainless hardware.

After securing the bike on the jack and disconnecting power the exhaust was removed. You can tell in this picture how out of place the powder coated piece was.

With Fleeing & Eluding’s engine I  had the luxury of adjustable push rods that I could loosen. If you have the stock solid rods you are going to have to remove the rocker boxes to get tension off the cams. I’ve heard the stories of people removing and replacing the cam cover without doing this, but much like Bigfoot I’ve never seen it.

Once the exhaust is out of the way and the push rods are loose you can remove the cover bolts and then carefully remove the cover.

If you just pull the cover off the cams are going to fall on the floor. Gently work the cover out until you can get your fingers behind it and hold the cams in place. If you remove the cams be aware of the timing marks on them and how they go back in. Use a service manual.

Being this is a brand-new cover I always check for binding and gear mesh. The cams slipped in smoothly and rotated freely.

With the cams in their places and timed properly the new gasket can be installed followed by the cover. The new fasteners can then be torqued to spec and the exhaust reinstalled. It has been well over a month since I have installed the Vulcan Cam Cover. I’m happy to report it is made as good as it looks. There have been no issues with it nor a single drop of oil out of it. Plus, it just looks awesome. MTW

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