Bryan Fuller’s 25 Year Dream Car Finally Comes True!

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Bryan Fuller, the driving force behind Fuller Hot Rods and popular co-host of the SPEED channel series "Two Guys Garage" has been building, repairing, and restoring vehicles for as long as he can remember.  Utilizing his natural talent and ingenuity, Fuller has worked on an array of projects. From Chassis fab to panel fabrication,  Fuller has assisted in fulfilling the automotive desires of countless friends, customers, and viewers.  But, after 15 years of full time professional creating, there wasn’t time or cash for his own car…not any longer!.
At a young age, Fuller’s love for speed and tinkering resulted in the dismantling, painting and repairing of anything with wheels. He bought his first chopper at the age of 8 and built 4 cars including a Chopped ’30 Ford Model A before graduating high school. But his dream has always been a 33 Ford. This dream has finally become a reality after discovering a 33 Ford Tudor Sedan sitting in North Georgia UNTOUCHED since 1956!

To start things off, Fuller Hot Rods built a custom chassis, starting with a Tiger QuickChange Rear End and So-Cal Traditional front end with Hidden Discs. After this, custom Waterjet rails were cut out to perfectly fit the channeled stance but also look similar to the originals.  A full roll cage is being built right now to stiffen the chassis and protect terrified passengers!
Despite the fact that the car will look very 60’s-inspired with the hood on, the drivetrain will be state of the art. A new and impressive 2011 5.0 Ford Mustang motor will be hidden inside. A Ford Racing Tremec 5 speed will be concealed and ready to handle the estimated 475 HP this 2700 pound animal is estimated to produce.
Make sure to stay tuned to "Two Guys Garage" on the SPEED channel and make sure to check out  to keep an eye on the progress of Fuller’s 33 Ford

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