Brian Buttera’s In Motion Builder Profile

Brian Buttera is out of Lakeland, Florida. Although he is new to the builder scene, he has been a welder/metal fabricator with a passion for bikes for a long time. Brian started out as a self-taught mig welder working hard to advance his skills in the trade. Buttera quickly found his niche in close tolerance precision stainless tig work, ultimately entering into management after many years behind the hood. He has found himself doing everything from managing Las Vegas strip clubs, to being an OTR truck driver, and plenty of other crazy things that he chased in between…but it has always been his hard work in welding/fabrication that had gotten him out of a pinch and back on my feet.

Brian says that the style of his builds are a result of the clean and precise standards in which he was held to keep a paycheck, of the, moving around experiencing different cultures and scenes throughout his life, and his personality of being simple and a minimalist. All of his work is done in a steadily growing small shop behind the house called Buttera’s Metal Werx. Although his equipment is far from that of many builders’ out there, it is never an excuse to not create second to none quality work. Shop time is worked around his current day job as a Construction Superintendent where they are thankfully very understanding of his passion and the time it requires. Brian’s fiancé Tina and dog Ladybug round out the team, and they’re here to stay grateful every step of the way

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