Breaking Ground


During the Easyriders show at the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday spectators got to witness history in the making. The well known Mongols and Hell Angels met and broke bread during the event. Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes and were glad to see both groups heading to the right direction. This is just a stepping stone but here at Cycle Source, we are hoping that there is a great outcome equally . We would like to thank both sides for allowing Angel Eyes to capture this momentous occasion!

13 thoughts on “Breaking Ground

  1. My name is Pamella. I have been on a search for a man called “top hat” for years now. From the information I’ve gathered, he’s in Florida and used to be afiliated with the warlocks mc but is a member of the mongols mc. I respect the privacy of every mc and I do not expect anyone to tell me anything. But if you know him or know of him .. perhaps a name or location it would mean the world to me to know. If you know him personally could you please tell him that I am looking for him. He is supposed to be my father. I was adopted by family so I could not be found. I would appreciate it for the rest of my life if you could point me in the right direction to finding him. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    You can contact me through email at

  2. I’ve said this should happen for a long time…way it is now everyone has to look out over their shoulders at all times and worry about each other ! If you think about it were all on the same side !

    North East 81 Supporter

  3. been to many bike shows & i will tell you that when the mongols walked in 250 deep , i really thought that all Hell was going to break lose, then the Mongols walked up to a Hells Angel with long grey hair , you could tell that this Hells Angel feared nothing at all , not even Satan himself would make this guy blink , a Big Mongol called himself Monster reached out & shook the Grey haired Hells Angels hand , took everyones breath away , my wife stood there in disbelif , & so did i , i could tell that the Hells Angel with long grey hair was there to fix this at all costs , even the Swat & merge police were in aww !!!! all i can say is we had a great time at this event & i will never forget the Hells Angel with the long grey hair face , so calm yet his eyes looked right threw you !!!! we had a great day & got to wittness something un believeable !!! Right on to both sides , hope things work out for the positive !!!

  4. i was there to see it . its about time to co-exist just to be able to exist .good job guys to all of you that made it happen . way to go Rusty

  5. Congratulations…..maybe there will be peace between you and……eventually in the world. We all have to start somewhere.

  6. The picture is just what you see. Don’t make anymore of it. It’s strictly rules of engagement, common sense.To our Pagan Brothers & all Black & White, much love & Respect.
    If you don’t print this, you are trying to start trouble or you are working for the Feds. That’s my personnal conclusion. Respectfully, Top Hat 1% Mongols MC Life Member

  7. Was at the show , everyone had a great time , was tense for a moment , there was 1 HELLS ANGELS , with long grey hair , that had a peacock strut , that wore a SGT@ARMS Tag , that Man was nothing short of gorgeous , he walked passed us & i will never forget how good he smelled !!!

  8. Together we stand, divided we fall. We don’t have to be on the same team but should stand for the same cause and support each other in that cause. Those opposed to the way of life win when the two (and other) groups fight among themselves.

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