BMR From a Newbie!

The BMR was great and the Gypsy Tour an adventure.

Most don’t realize how much work It takes behind the scenes to do these types of events. Along with all of the work comes the rewards for pitching in and becoming a part of a family, looking out for one another, making sure we get home safe. I got to see how much everyone looks out for each other and helps. It’s a great feeling to see that, words can not explain.

Now that we are back, its time for all of the equipment and vehicles to get taken care of. I am really getting a feel for what needs to go where for access to take on the next trip. I can tell you from my own experience with my scoot. Make sure you keep up with tires they seemed to wear out fast when you’re far from home.

Now its time to get to the shop and get my hands dirty. I hope to see people coming by with bikes to work on. If you have not seen the Source Garage you will find a world familiar to the lifestyle we find on a motorcycle.

Check out this old shop display at the Wheels Through Time Museum.

I hope all who went to the BMR made it home safe and sound. Hope to see everyone next year!


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