BMR Backyard Banger

Article By: Panhead Frank

Originally Published In The September 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source  Magazine

After coming off of a really hard winter, all that was streaming out of the motorcycle chamber of my mind was the Big Mountain Run (BMR). There cannot be a BMR without a Gypsy Tour and there can’t be a Gypsy Tour without a freaking awesome Kick Off Party! Dude, I’m telling you that Steel City Harley Davidson did us an amazing job! They hooked us up with food, beer, awesome entertainment including bands like Three Car Garage, a bike show and to cap the night off we watched Easy Rider projected on the side of the Cycle Source Trailer!

Believe it or not, Steel City HD even gave us burn barrels loaded with wood to set stuff on fire. Ha ha, fire! At the end of the night, they gave us a place to lay our little fuzzy panhead filled minds down (because I know all of you bitches dream of panheads). A big thank you to Steel City Harley Davidson! You did us at Cycle Source, the BMR and the crazy cool cats that attended the Kick-Off Party a great service! From me, Panhead Frank, I personally pray that your business grows and prospers and that every person that walks in your building is blessed, No bullshit!

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