BMR 5 – Hillbilly Invitational – Jeremy Cupp

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In 2003 When Jeremy Cupp wanted to upgrade to a better bike, but realized he couldn’t afford one, he did what any third generation Fabricator/Machinist would have done……he built his own.

There in the back corner of the Family machine shop was where LC Fabrications, and Jeremy’s new addiction, was born. That first motorcycle quickly led to a second and a third, and with a reputation already being established, a product line was added. Needing some income to support his habit, Jeremy converted his hobby into a business in 2005 and named his new creation “LC” after his wife Lindsay Cupp.

LC Fabrications has since become well known for Creating world-class customs that pay particular attention to high quality workmanship and an eye for detail, and every part they sell is still being manufactured in the family machine shop.

While staying true to his original goal of creating beautiful bikes and high quality American made parts, Jeremy has began to shift his mission to a much greater goal, the idea that one can become much more self sufficient through the use of his own hands, and the preservation of such vocational activities.  

The 2014 Big Mountain Run will feature the first ever “Hillbilly Invitational” and as part of the coverage leading up to the event Cycle Source will be reporting on the builders who have been selected in it. Stayed tuned here or visit for more info!

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  1. The link isn’t working right now… Chris, what are you looking for? I’ve got something that is ALL hand built.

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