Black Hills Shocks

Roadside Marty Keeps His Big Wheels

Article and Photos By: Jeff Najar

Originally Published In The January 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Roadside Marty keeps the biker freak flag flying high with all his antics and enjoyment of the biker lifestyle. He an all around biker and is known as a foul mouth EMCEE, shop owner, writer and one hell of a funny guy. At the Smoke Out Rally Roadside is king, it’s where he holds court and provides EMCEE services for the Wet T-shirt contest. No one provides EMCEE entertainment like Roadside. Funny, raunchy, quick witted and a blast with or without adult beverages. When Roadside is around you can’t help but smile, you know something will happen.

A few years ago he was at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Choppertime Bike Show standing next to Willie G and leaned in and made a comment. A couple of minutes later security was hustling Willie off the property. Security must have forgotten about it because I saw a picture with Roadside and Willie at this year’s Motorcycle as Art exhibit in Sturgis. Roadside got his nickname from a dalliance with a slim-hipped blueeyed raven haired biker chick on the side of the road. We’ll save the details for another time. So Roadside Marty 3.0 is now a technical editor for Cycle Source Magazine and will be providing an install article on the Black Hills Shocks for an upcoming edition. He road his bagger from Sturgis to Florida for a 1600 mile shock road test. Stay tuned for his test ride and install tech.

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