Biskit Eater

Article By: Paul Wideman

Photos By: Kerri Schindler

Originally Published In The September 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycles, you’ll quickly learn a few things. Bill has been around motorcycles damn near his entire life, and he KNOWS what works, what looks good, and what he likes. You’ll also learn that he does not sway from his principles, and he’ll let you know if your idea sucks. He’s not scared to try something new, and he has few, if any regrets relative to the motorcycles he has built. The Biskit Eater is testament to all of the above characteristics. Sit down, because it may take a few minutes for us to point out exactly all that is going on with this seemingly simple scooter. This bike got started the same way many builds are born, with a “fan” getting to know Bill through emails and over the phone. Jason “Doodah” Markwell had a Deuce that he had done as much as he possibly could to it, including the French Kiss paint job. He still was not happy, and as he started to plan his next bike, he always found himself drawn to the Bling’s Cycles way of motor-fab. After a few phone calls to Bill, Doodah had a custom frame ordered. Somewhere around this same time, the trade show in Cincinnati was going on, and Bill and Doodah finally got to meet one another. They spent a good amount of time together and really hit it off. On the way home from Cincy, Doodah invited Bill to visit them in Sandy Hook, KY. After hanging out for a day, Bill told Doodah he was going to move there. Less than three months later, Bill had relocated his entire shop to Kentucky, happy to leave the city behind. This is where things really took off.

Not too long after getting settled in, Bill got to work on Doodah’s build. A stock HD Twinkie was bought, and some light cam work was done, along with a few other mods. As I said earlier, Bill knows what works, and what is right, so a Baker Frankentranny was slid in behind the Twin Cam. You’ll never find Bill using any other transmission and there’s a reason for that. Please note, that this is one of only a fewFrankentrannys made for a Twin Cam: very cool. Ever tried kicking a Twin Cam? Most would say it is impossible, but when you factor in the Morris magneto that fires this TC, it’s a breeze. The Morris mag fires waaaaay hotter than the stock ignition or any contemporary ignition for that matter, and the delayed start function of the stock ignition is deleted. All of this adds up to easy starts and killer combustion. Again referring to his tried and true playbook, Bill pulled a Tech Cycles belt drive from the shelf, and the drivetrain was finished.

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As work started on the roller portion of the build, Bill found himself drawing from all areas of motorcycling. A very nice ‘45 Springer was adapted to work with the Bling’s frame. Bill also mated a flat track race hub to the 23” front hoop from a dirt bike. The rear is a re-laced and refurbished HD hub with an 18” rim. The front knobby is a Bridgestone, and the rear a Metzeler Sahara. The lone Brembo brake is all that hauls this bike to a stop, and it is actually more than enough. Power-toweight ratio also works when braking, you see. The BRAKING’s wave rotor is one of only a few ever made. Once the roller and drivetrain were properly seated, Bill moved on to the sheet metal. Bill knew exactly the tank he wanted for this bike, and he even had a plan as to how he would cut it up and make it his. The problem was he had a bitch of a time finding a SS-175 Aermacchi tank in decent condition. What he did find, however, was an entire SS-175 in perfect running condition. Bill agreed to buy the whole bike, handed the guy $150, removed the tank, and left the rest of the bike for the fella to sell to someone else. When he knows what he wants, he knows he’s going to get it somehow. After getting back to the shop, the tank was narrowed about 4” and some other massaging was accomplished. The end result is a unique tank that you think you know, but it is just a little bit different, and keeps you guessing. To round out the skins, Bill fabbed up one of his oil tanks and a short and tight fender, capped off with a subtle sissybar.

Drawing again from all aspects of the motorcycling world, Bill used a Motion Pro 1/4 turn throttle, which constitutes the entirety of the hand controls. A short set of bars, a comfy set of mid controls, and the scoot was ready for paint. After getting the paint back from Paint by George, a local Kentuckian, Bill set about finishing the bike. Of course Doodah was there to help at every turn. Doodah’s girlfriend, Holly, or “Biskit” as she is affectionately known, was even around for a good bit of it. Doodah gave up his job as a factory trained HD mechanic a while back to start a career as a pipefitter/ welder, so his skills are often utilized around Bling’s Cycles. The great thing about the relationship that formed between the two, whereas Doodah came to Bill as a fan, maybe with a few stars in his eyes, he soon became a dear friend of Bill’s, and vice versa. Hanging around with these guys at BMR, I could see that Doodah truly believes in Bill’s skills and talent. Bill greatly appreciates the new friendship he has built with Doodah. Bill shortly got the bike wrapped up, and the Biskit Eater was soon terrorizing the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Bill is very impressed with the way the bike handles, more so considering the fact that it is using a 70-some year old frontend. I’ve had the chance to see and hear this bike firsthand, and it is impressive. The bike revs fast and sounds killer, and the paint really pops in the light. Of course the fab work and style is flawless, but I expected this from Bill, and I’m sure Bill expects the same from himself.

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Biskit Eater Tech Sheet

Owner: Jason “Doodah” Markwell

City: Sandy Hook, KY

Fabrication By: Blings Cycles

Year: 2011

Model: Choppa Killer

Time: 1 Year

Value: Priceless


Year: 2011

Model: Twin Cam

Builder: Harley/Doodah

Ignition: Morris Magneto

Displacement: 88ci

Pistons: HD

Heads: HD

Cam(s): Andrews

Carb: S&S E

Air Cleaner: Stack

Exhaust: Blings

Primary: Tech Cycle


Year: 2011

Make: Baker Franken Trans

Shifting: Hand


Year: 2011

Make: Choppa Killer

Rake: 32 Degrees

Stretch: 0


Type: VL Springer

Builder: Holland

Extension: 2 Under

Triple Trees: Old/Blings


Front Wheel: Talon

Size: 23”

Tire: Bridgestone

Brakes: None

Rear Wheel: Made From Shop Parts

Size: 18”

Tire: Metzeler

Brakes: Brembo


Painter: Paint by George

Color: Pink Dawg

Type: Flake and Candy

Chroming: None

Graphics: George


Bars: Blings

Risers: No

Hand Controls: No

Gas Tank(s): Blings/HD

Rear fender: Blings

Seat: Blings/Duane Ballard

Foot Controls: Blings

Oil Tank: Blings’Oil Bag

Taillight: Blings

Headlight: Unity Spot

Speedo: None

Photographer: Kerri Schindler

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