Thursday News is Up!



Thursday news is live! Love the intro from Bandit this week, he talks politics only long enough to say its like talking about money or sex. Then goes into what happened this week in motorcycle news. Lots to get caught up on!




One thought on “ Thursday News is Up!

  1. Actually what he said was: The votes are in, although many more folks need to vote in future elections. I don’t like the face of our government right now, although I believe folks stepped up and voted for freedom over regulation. I truly believe we need another party, the Freedom party. It should be run by bikers. I don’t want to get into politics. It’s like discussing sex or money. You’re bound to piss off someone, and I’m not going there, but to say that freedom works. – See more at:

    SEE THE: You’re bound to piss off someone.
    Well since we are not going to make everyone happy all of the time that is bound to happen.
    I think we need to report the news truthfully and let the chips fall where they may.
    Just My Opinion!

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