Bike Nite Live Featured Jasmine Cain

If you missed last week’s Bike Nite Live, check it out here!

Thursday night’s Bike Nite Live with host Pat Jansen featured musical guest Jasmine Cain and Bike Nite participants Karen Andrea from NY, Eric Vaughan from TX, Dana Menefee from IA, and Nick Pensabene from Long Island NY. Each participant showed off a bike or two and we learned a little about what they’ve been up to.

Karen shared a video caught by her PetCam, of when her bike wiring caught on fire, in her living room. She’s laughing about it now, but she had a few choice words flying as it was happening. Luckily with her quick thinking she was able to get it out without any damage to the bike, or her home!

Jasmine Cain sat in with an amazing acoustical set that included her song “Highway Profit”.

Heather stepped in for Billy Grotto for this week’s cooking segment with her tasty two ingredient pizza dough.

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