Big Mountain Run 2013 Canceled

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So here’s the deal with Big Mountain Run for the Spring of 2013. As of now, it has been canceled. There will not be an event produced by Cycle Source Magazine for Mat under the name of Big Mountain Run or not. The reason, since there seems to be some speculation as to why it’s not going on, is simply this: As time grew close for planning, the property owner conveyed some concerns about a certain group of attendees at last years rally. He thought their behavior was a little out of line and would have rather we didn’t invite them back again this year. When I explained to him that they were good guys and had been at BMR in support of us from the beginning and we wouldn’t tell them not to come, he further explained that the property would not be available this year. This is his right, just as it is our choice to not turn away people who have supported us over the years. With such a short amount of time left to find another location we feel that we’d rather wait until later this year or even until next year and do this event right with a new location. I know that many people plan their vacations according to this event, and to all of you I apologize but  I started BMR to have a good time with my friends and I can’t tell some of them not to come because another property owner is freaked out by how we have fun. A good brother of mine once told me that you can never trade freedom for safety……I believe in those words more today than ever before. After all, good men and women have fought wars for this country so its people would have hat freedom.


We are already working on the panning of the next event so please stay tuned to the Cycle Source blog and as soon as we know something we’ll get it to you.

8 thoughts on “Big Mountain Run 2013 Canceled

  1. Stop the presses, don’t cancel the event just yet, I have just the place you need in Damascus Virginia. Contact me and I’ll put you in touch.

  2. well man you made a noble and bold choice and I think it speaks largely of your character…our buddys get fucked up and do fucked up shit…just have to find another location to get kicked outta…hahha

  3. Sorry it will not be on this year, but I can understand the reasoning—-friends are someone you tend to rely on, so I can understand not causing offense toward a friend(s).
    Friendship is a powerful sentiment.

  4. I dont think it was any group at all. That venue sucked. I dont think anyone needs to be singled out as to why we weren’t invited back. Truth is that camp ground was substandard to having any type of good time. Fucking north Korea has better camp grounds.
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