Best Bike On The Strip

Article By: Penny Osiecki

Photography By: Pamela Leon -28 Sunflowers Photography

Originally Published In The February 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Feature 1a Kerri

Have you ever ridden to a bar for the sole reason of hanging out with your buddies to find out you won first place in a bike show? I think this is how all bike shows should take place. Judging the bikes that show up in a parking lot from real riders, riding real choppers, not show bikes that are polished up just because they are in a show. Cycle Source puts on a ride-in bike show at most of the major rallies. During Las Vegas BikeFest this year, while celebrating our 15th anniversary, we held our “Best Bike on the Strip” ridein bike show at Hogs & Heifers. This is how we found Neto’s 1976 custom Shovelhead. As a last minute deal, and not intending to stay very long, N e t o and his friends hit Hogs & Heifers. Just as he was getting ready to leave, we told him it would be worth his while to wait until we announced the winners of the bike show. It’s a good thing he waited because he won the top category: “Best Bike on the Strip.” This title also came with a big bag of goodies from our sponsors, a trophy and this feature.

Neto comes from the underground scene, is a pretty modest guy and didn’t really want to be the center of attention with this feature. I gave him the choice of where he wanted his bike photographed and he went all out. Being born and raised in Vegas, he was able to pull some strings and set up the shoot at the Neon Boneyard. This is a cool outdoor museum where all the retired Vegas signs are laid to rest after they’ve done their time on the strip. It’s located right next door to the Cashman Center where Las Vegas BikeFest is held so if you come out next year, take a tour. It’s pretty damn cool. Now, on to this gorgeous Shovelhead named Fluffy by the original owner and builder, Vic Martino of Sinners Inc. It took Vic three years to put the Bay area Frisco Shovel together with parts found at swap meets and on Websites. Darren from Bung King did some of the fabrication and handmade a lot of the one-off parts. Neto had just sold his Shovelhead and was in the middle of building a Knuckle when he found Fluffy. He decided he needed something to ride and when he was done with his build, he’d sell her, get his money back and jump on his Knuckle. One-of-a-kind motorcycles are like one-of-akind women: you can’t just ride ‘em and leave ‘em. Well, maybe not everyone will agree with me on that one. Vic’s intention was to build a road worthy chopper and Neto proved he did by riding the Shovel across the country.

Feature 1bKerri

Neto’s a lot like my brothers that write for Cycle Source; they help one another out. Jeffo helped him lathe and fab some parts for the oil tank and Shannon Aikau helped him fab up his pipes. It’s amazing what these guys will do for beer and food. I know them as well and they’re both well known in the area for being stand-up guys. Neto’s best friend, Donny Boy, found the fairing in their buddy Clint’s garage, and they suggested that he put it on the bike. He’s always had a fond respect for club style bikes of all years and thought he’d give it a try. Never seeing an FLH Wide Glide frontend with a fairing, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He wanted to keep the King Bee headlight so he ended up having to modify the fairing and make a one-off fairing mount. To his surprise, it all worked out in the end and gave the bike a unique look. The bike originally had a beautiful, clean metal flake paint job. After many years and many miles ridden, the paint started to bubble up and it needed to be repainted. Neto had some original Harley decals used on Shovelheads from the early ‘80s and thought they would be a perfect touch to go onto the black paint; both were applied by his buddy Ryan Evans. Finally, over the years of riding on the pothole filled streets and in the scorching Vegas heat, the motor had to be fully rebuilt. Yes, more friends helped him with this. Chopper Mike assisted with the rebuild and Steve from Las Vegas Dyno Tech tuned her up.

In the words of Neto, “To me, that’s what makes TRUE choppers: helping one another, riding with one another and making memories with one another.” He would also like to give special thanks to his lovely wife Vicky and his two boys Isaiah and Isaac, and to all those mentioned in the article and on the spec sheet. I’m sure this won’t be the last you see of Neto. Look him up at

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Best Bike On The Strip Tech Sheet

Owner: Neto

City: Las Vegas, NV

Fabrication By: Sinner’s Inc. / Bung King

Year: 1976

Model: Shovelhead Frisco Chopper

Time: Never Done


Year: 1976

Model: H-D Shovel

Builder: Neto / Chopper Mike

Ignition: Dyna

Displacement: 88ci

Pistons: S&S

Heads: H-D

Cam(s): Andrews

Carb: S&S E

Air Cleaner: Bench Mark

Exhaust: Neto/Shannon Aiku/Marine Propeller Works – FMA Ripple Pipe

Primary: Karata Modified


Year: 1972

Make: H-D

Shifting: Jockey


Year: 1952

Make: H-D

Rake: Stock

Stretch: Stock


Type: ‘65 FLH Wide Glide

Builder: Sinner’s Inc

Extension: 2” Under

Triple Trees:


Front Wheel: Akront

Size: 21”

Tire: Avon Speedmaster

Brakes: FLH Drum

Rear Wheel: Borrani

Size: 16”

Tire: Shinko

Brakes: Juice Drum


Painter: Ryan Evans

Color: Black

chroming: ‘80 H-D Shovel Decal

Graphics: Superior – San Jose/Shine Shop – Las Vegas


Bars: Special ‘79 Stolen Off Jay’s Shovel

Risers: Clint, Donny Boy / H-D Dyna-Neto

Hand Controls: H-D Modified

Gas Tank(s): H-D Sporty Frisco/Bung King

Front fender: None

Rear fender: Chica

Seat: Bates

Foot Controls: Mids Bung King

Oil Tank: Paughco – Jeffo

Taillight: Model A

Headlight: King Bee

Speedo: None

Photographer: Pamela Leon

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