Best Bike On The Strip

Las Vegas BikeFest 2014

Article By: Chris Callen

Photos By: Darren McKeag & Bart Mitchell

Originally Published In The February 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

To think that what we started four years ago as a one trophy show where we literally just picked a bike from the street in front of Hogs to what this has turned into today makes me extremely happy. So Saturday in Vegas for BikeFest is crazy busy. We started the day with our ride, the Artistry in Iron winner was announced early in the evening and then we finished the night up, like best bike on the strip we always do, at Hogs & Heifers for our annual bike show. With such an expansion of their new humongous outdoor bar the street was alive like it never had been before. While the bikes filed in from dusk till party time, the show on the main bar rocked on. There were so many great bikes, from one end of the block to the other and with the clasess expanded into 18 individual awards this year we had our work cut out for us. Additionally, the cats from Law Tigers put up $500 each for Best of Show and for the Peoples Choice award. That brought out some really stiff competition.



As the judges mulled over their choices the attendants of this annual soiree were treated to the art of Tank who can paint practically anything. He is an incredible artist that was set up at Hogs all week in the “Paint Your Shit” section. We will be featruing him in and his art in an upcoming issue so stay tuned. There were tons of celebrities including the guys from Pawn Stars who are regulars at the 3rd street juke joint. All in all it was a party that the devil himself would have been proud to be the host of, but behind the scenes the lady who runs this establishment is a pillar in this community. I had the privilege of doing interviews with a few hundred of the patrons over the weekend and so many stories of how she helped their causes, taught their kids good values, who gave a hand personally when someone was in need. She is an incredible lady and an exceptional friend.



So the scene was set, the trophies hand painted by Darren McKeag (thank you brother) and Nate Jacobs ready to hand out the award for Ol Smoky’s “Best Of The Holler” on top of our regular classes. We gave some impressive prize packages with all of our trophies that included swag from Hogs & Heifers, Las Vegas Bikefest, Cycles Source, Ol Smoky and many great companies in the motorcycle industry. In the end their could only be one “Best Bike On The Strip” winner and we picked Dave Coello with his 1949 Panhead that is featrued in this magazine as well. Inspite of the many great bikes that rolled out for this show, Dave’s bike was a fantastic example of a timeless look and the type of story we built Cycle Source for. See more from this show at in our Vegas ‘14 videos. Thanks to all who came out!

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