Beer Runner on a Budget

Wicked Willy’s Beer Runner on a Budget – Part 2

Article by: Wayne at Wicked Willy’s Choppers


Here in part 2 of our build, we are going to try and finish up our rear end for our trike. We have to put the rear end together, cut off the axle tubes and measure for our axles. We are almost to the point where we can bring it back to my shop and get to making one hot-ass trike.




First thing Larry does once he has everything together is put in the frame. Here you can see his axle fitting through the frame block. You can also see the chain running trough the frame to the tranny sprocket. I will be using a 530 chain.

Next, we cut the axle tubes down to the length we need them. Also at this point, we need to weld the bearing cup to the end of the axle. First, we press it on to our axle and then weld it on to our tubes.

We have to cut two holes into the center housing for the chain to come through. Notice the holes are cut big enough for the chain to be able to work up and down. Two reasons for this is the trike will flex as it is a softail, and the chain will get looser. After Larry is done building the rear end, I will go back and make hoods to go over the chain here at this area so we will not have a pinch point and to help keep the water out.


Shown here is just a stock drive HD type that we will run on our transmission. It just has a standard HD drive sprocket.


Here are the axle tubes that have been cut to the length we need and we have the bearing ends welded on. Note how short our axle tubes are. This will be a very narrow rear end. Also, you can get a good look at how the axle tubes come through the adjuster blocks.


Larry is using an old axle for mock- up and to get the right length for the axles. We will have to order a custom length since this will be nowhere close to standard length.


I just wanted to take a minute to show you that we will be using an axle with a 31 spline on it. These axles should out live the trike and should be heavy duty to take what ever the rider should throw at it; even a burn out or two, I hope.


For our rear wheels, we are using a car wheel with true knock-off centers to give it that hot rod look that we have set out to get. Also, the wheels we are using are deep dish which means they are off-set to the inside.


Here is the adaptor that will bolt to our axle to hold our wheel on. You can see the large spinner nut that will hold our wheel and no lug nuts will show.


Once our axle is in we can slide it into the rear end and check clearance to the frame. This wheel choice should give the trike one hot look. Also, let me tell you why we are using car wheels and tires instead of motorcycle wheels and tires. First reason is that this is a trike and the tires will never be rolled on like it would on a motorcycle. By using a flat tire you have more tire on the road surface. Reason two is the best one: PRICE; Car tires are a little cheaper than a motorcycle tire. When I build a bike I try to do things that will help my customers’ pocketbook.


Here is a side view of the rear tire mounted up on our rear end. Can’t wait to see this on the floor with the  frontend made and mounted to it. She should be a hot, sexy bitch. If you have any questions about part two of our build feel free to call me at 828-303-0422 or you can e-mail me thru our Web site at

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