Bean’re Picks a bike…

He is another Bean’re picks for a bike that didn’t make a magazine but deserves a mention.

T.J Schweers wanted to run the Stampede.

If you don’t know what the Stampede is, here is the rundown. It is an unofficial race cross country for ridgid frame choppers with no windshield, no hard bags and no rubber mount.

At the age of 65, T.J. decided he wasn’t getting any younger so it was time for him to compete it the Stampede and take that off his bucket list. He went To Kaelin’s Cuctom Cycles in Louisville, Kentucky for the project. Frank Kaelin listened to T.J.’s ideas and already being familiar with the Stampede as well as cross country travel, came up with what you see right here.

The spare tank was incorporated on a luggage rack. The paint was don’t by K. G.’s Body Works in downtown Louisville (Portland). T.J. was a veteran and can up with the “Zing” that represents the sound that a bullet makes when it whizzes by your head. In 2012, TJ rode the bike out to California from Louisville for the beginning of the Stampede. Including his ride out there, he rode about 4000 miles before throwing in the towel. He now takes the honor as being the oldest contender NOT to finish the Stampede. Well brother, kudos for getting out there and following your dream…..


zing and balloons 002_thumbzing and balloons 009_thumbzing and balloons 019_thumb

zing-and-balloons-010.jpgzing-and-balloons-022_thumb.jpg zing-and-balloons-011.jpg zing-and-balloons-015.jpg zing-and-balloons-006.jpg

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