Bare Knuckle Performance Now Offering Parts Installation With 25% Off Labor

Bare Knuckle Performance knows there’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on quality American-made parts only to have them installed by those who lack the skills and are not certified technicians. This is why they are now offering parts installation and 25% off their already lower labor costs than others.

“When unqualified people install parts, you risk damaging the parts or, worse, even the entire motorcycle. We know how hard our customers work to earn their money, and we don’t want to see them getting raked over by shops that are not qualified. Besides, who better to install Bare Knuckle Performance parts than the guys who make them.” Paul Wideman, CEO of Bare Knuckle Performance, stated.

Starting October 15th, 2021, when you purchase any Bare Knuckle Performance parts, you can now schedule the installation and receive 25% off your labor costs. This applies to Bare Knuckle Performance parts and other quality parts purchased through Bare Knuckle Performance.
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About Bare Knuckle Performance
Undefeated in high-performing USA-made motorcycle parts created to go round for round, Bare Knuckle Performance is a family-owned business based in Hawk Point, Missouri. “BKP” proudly offers innovation with a purpose; engineering motorcycle parts for those that ride hard and wrench on their machines.

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