Austin Andrea Of Austin Martin Originals’ In Motion Builder Profile

Austin Andrella of Austin Martin Originals started building bike’s in 2003. He worked his way out of his basement shop into a modest 800 sq. ft. pole building in his backyard near Akron, Oh. Austin prides himself on thinking outside the box and being able to make it a reality with his own two hands. He is proud to say that he is self-taught on every aspect of motorcycle building, from Tig welding to machining. Andrella says that if someone is going to spend their hard-earned money to have him make parts or do fab work it has to be to the best quality. He feels that if you are building a motorcycle then it must be rideable and function properly, if it doesn’t…well then, you’re building a piece of art. AMO often goes with the theory of less is more and prefers when bikes look simple and clean yet the details are almost limitless, it should bring people back over and over again. He prides himself on unique, original builds that not only have form but also function.
To keep the lights on, Austin works full time as a Union Sprinkler Fitter and his family time is spent with his beautiful wife and three daughters, all of whom keep him on his toes. With much pride, he tells us that is 8-year-old, Adelyne Montgomery, has been bitten by the chopper bug and that we should look forward to seeing her work in the near future. He boasts that she can carry on the AMO legacy, especially with the same initials! Austin can be quoted as saying “I’m excited to be a part of the “In Motion” bike show at the Lone Star Rally. It will be amazing experience riding the streets with fellow builders riding their 2-wheel custom creations! This is will be a first for me, to actually ride with my competition. I think it adds a new level of respect throughout the industry between the builders. We are a select few and gravitate to each other being likeminded and driven to not settle for just mediocrity.  We aren’t sports fans and we don’t waste away on the couch, we get out and get after it! Thank you for considering me alongside the likes of veterans like Donny Loos, Bill Dodge and Kyle Shorey. I have looked up to these guys for decades and over the past five years they have allowed me to enter their small circle. I am honored and humbled to call these guys friends.”


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